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Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 10:05:26 CET

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    My opinions on some of these songs:

    > 6. Giving Up The Ghost 6:31
    This is a slowed down version of the version that has
    been circulating for the last two years. I like the
    original, faster version, better.

    > 10. Right Thing / G D M F S O B 4:21 <
    Lots of different elements in this, I've already been
    able to detect two of the beats on this.

    > 13. ????? 2:49 <
    There's no title for this (yet), but this is already
    one of my favorite tracks on the album. Production
    credits have not been released, but it sounds like the
    one track that *might* have Malcom Catto involvement.

    > 14. Mashin' On The Motorway 3:00 <
    Tight, tight, tight. There's a debate over who is the
    rapper on this, but it sounds like Gift Of Gab. I
    believe various other members of Quannum contribute in
    this. The song is an uptempo track where Gab is
    talking about being the MAN on the highway, and
    various people are cursing at him.

    > 16. You Can't Go Home Again 7:04 <
    This one is eerie.

    As for the interludes, I heard that they came from
    amusement park booths that produced the records, but I
    also know them as Recordios. They are small, homemade
    records that was literally voice mail of the
    1940's/1950's. You had one shot to record these, as
    it was one time only, and once they were recorded, you
    would send them to a family member. These records,
    unlike the funk 45's used on BF and PP, are one of a
    kind, and it's safe to say that Shadow IS the only one
    who has any of them.

    I have a few Recordios in my collection, a few of
    which I've used in my own songs. The records are
    eerie in themselves, because I guess when a family
    member dies, someone tosses off all of their personal
    items to Goodwill, not realizing that these flimsy
    records are also letters. I have a great one where a
    daughter is singing "Tennessee Waltz" to her
    grandfather, off-key and everything.

    I haven't heard THE PRIVATE PRESS in one sitting, but
    overall, it's a pretty good album. Is it
    ENDTRODUCING? No. I think it is a progression of
    what he started with "High Noon" and what he was able
    to do on PSYENCE FICTION. Someone on another mailing
    list I'm on suggested that this was Shadow's prog rock
    album. It's very 80's sounding too. You can hear
    shades of various things he has done recently,
    including "Flashback" and PRODUCT PLACEMENT. There's
    some parts I don't like, but then again it took awhile
    for "Stem" to grow on me.

    Even though there are a few good songs on this, there
    isn't anything (yet) that hits me as hard as "Midnight
    In A Perfect World", "Changeling", or "The Number
    Song". But upon first listens, it isn't bad at all.

    I believe eBay already has the album on sale, but most
    (if not all) are mastered from MP3's, so you have been

    -John Book

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