Re: New Jazzanova LP

From: Tom Giles (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 19:06:47 CET

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    On 13 Mar 2002, at 9:14, Shane Schaetz wrote:

    > That song is ridiculous. At times it sounds like Bob James'
    > "Nautilus" with the drum patterns. I wouldn't be surprised if they
    > didn't use that break, but just the snare or something, and programmed
    > the drums similarly...
    Having listened to it again most of the drums come from Skull
    Snap's 'its a new day', hence the title 'another new day'. The
    drums do sound like nautilus in parts, but are also reminiscent of
    'the chase' by war.

    > The real gem is "love and you and i", which makes all sampling
    > producers rethink the way they've been sampling all these years.
    > there is some serious shit going on there....blending all those breaks
    > and samples to make their OWN song. this should send hiphop producers
    > "back to the lab".
    True. The technical abilities displayed on this LP are phenominal.
    But are they better than Aphex? (I prefer the sound of these tracks
    to Aphex's latest, but which is more of a technical

    I was considering buying either Logic or Nuendo (steinberg's
    latest). Anybody know for definite if Jazzanova are using either of
    these pieces of software?


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