Best Kept gyals chillin, but the show must go on...

From: Venus (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 22:26:36 CET

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    What up peoples. Beautiful sunny day here in the
    lovely City of Council Cuts...yes, Toronto is basking
    under the glow of an unnaturally warm winter's day
    (though springtime is officially next week, so maybe
    it's a head start).

    The 'BEST KEPT SECRET' gyals are taking a break from
    microphone madness and turntable mayhem this
    week...I've been feelin crazy under the weather, and
    Dalia's swamped with life outside the music thang.
    BUT the show will be rockin still, with the sounds of
    the talented Sairupa fillin in with dope hip hop, r&b
    (not that cheesy shit), and whatever else she feels
    like dropping.

    (for those outside a 3-4 block radius - big up Mista
    Masuda on that one)

    "It gets clearer as you get closer!" - Nick Holder

    Ok ok, I've been promising you fine peoples a playlist
    of the show on the weekly for a likle while, so here
    it is. Check it:

    Heavy Handed - 'Raw Airs' 10" - Wha?naut
    Elis Regina - 'Bala Com Bala' - Verve
    Block 16 - 'Slow Hot Wind' - Nuphonic
    Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - 'Slow Hot Wind' - A&M
    Stevie Wonder - 'Too High' - Motown
    Phil Ranelin - 'For the Children' (Slicker rmx) -
    Koop feat. Yukimi Nagano - 'Summer Sun' - JCR
    Brandy - 'The Ritual' - Yellow
    Metro Area - 'The Art of Hot' - Environ
    Nick Holder - 'Powdered Dreams' - DNH promo

    ***special guest: Paw Milla aka Agent 204***
    Ramsey Lewis - 'The In Crowd' - Cadet
    A Certain Ratio - 'Shack Up' - Soul Jazz
    Liquid Liquid - 'Optimo' - Grand Royal
    Can - 'Vitamin C' - Mute
    The Jam - 'Precious' - Polygram
    Pharoah Monche - 'The Light' - Rawkus
    Buscemi - 'La Musica de Ayer Con El Sonido de Hoy -
               Downsale Plastics
    Ulrich Schnauss - Nobody's Home - City Center Offices
    Do Make Say Think - Apartment Song - Constellation
    *** ***
    J-Live - 'Don't Play' - 7 Heads
    SK Radicals - 'Reachin for Da Farside' - People

    Stay tuned for more choons...

    As for gigs...

    Check out 'In Divine Style' tomorrow night at the
    Hooch, located above Gypsy Co-Op (817 Queen St. West)
    with host Mindbender (one truly dope emcee, for real)
    passing around the open mic for anyone to get live.
    This week the one Masia One will be taking to the
    stage for a set, alongside poet/emcee Lucas and a live
    band (!) WHAAAT? And all for $5 too? Sheeeeaaaat.
    Had a great time there last week...some truly intense
    emcees spinning some intense tales. Definitely check

    And of course, Monday nights is Chicks Dig It, running
    it at Apothecary (340 Adelaide St. W, at Peter). This
    past Monday saw special guest DJ Maus from Montreal
    throwing down serious d'n'b, electro, and tech house,
    and all accounts indicated it was a crazy-busy night
    from start to finish! Thanks to everyone coming down
    and making Monday nights feel like Fridays...most
    props to you!
    This coming Monday (March18th) will feature special
    guests She Bang!, a local all-female breakin crew, so
    definitely come early! Dalia will be toasting up the
    decks during their performance (come check out Dal
    slangin out the hip hop...going back to the roots! hee
    hee) as well as myself breakin out the funk, hip hop,
    and general freaky beats. Chocolate, Freedom, Miss
    KLC, and Wasabi also on the decks (busy night, yo!).
    A cheap-ass pay-what-you-can affair (suggested
    donation $2). Reach reach reach!

    And a quick Friday March 22, our very
    own Dalia will be getting down on the decks at Jai Bar
    for a special night called 'Women on Wax', featuring
    some of T.O.'s top house selectahs with the double XX
    chromosome count. Ray Persaud, Sydney Blu, and CDI's
    AMTrak also rocking that shit all night
    long...complete info next week!

    Of course, I'm holding it down every Tuesday at Tempo
    (596 College St. at Clinton). Jazzed out business on
    the soulful, brazilian, fusion, hip hop, and whatnot
    (hi Paul) tip. What a combination: saketinis and
    Venus! Ahhh heaven... hee hee

    Ok, i think I'm done...props to you for getting this

    'BEST KEPT SECRET'...hell no, we can't keep it under
    wraps forever...


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