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From: Christina Long (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 01:50:32 CET

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    We're checking those specs now. Looks a lot like Nuendo and Cubase
    infused. Greg's going to give this a try. Thank you. Releases in June.

    He's been a Cubase user since Win 3.1 up to VST 5.0 which had so many
    bugs. (I recall him constantly having problems) The updates didn't
    really help. He gave Nuendo a try which as been 99% stable over the past
    year and a half. Actually Nuendo is pretty close to Pro Tools which I
    keep hearing such good things about. Though a full version is around 15k
    I think. So let's say you could only afford Pro Tools LE at about 1k you
    then only have 24 midi tracks. Greg uses an average of 40 tracks per
    song. Nuendo and Cubase have 128 midi tracks.

    So we have to agree with Olaf on checking out Cubase SX but not
    excluding Nuendo.

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    before you buy Nuendo make sure you checked out the specs of the new


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    > >I was considering buying either Logic or Nuendo (steinberg's
    > >latest).
    > If you liked Cubase (at all) you will LOVE Nuendo.
    > Let me know if you need more info.
    > Christina

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