The Down Low #23 playlist with guest Rainer Truby

From: Wayne Pate (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 17:13:05 CET

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    From the "make-shift studio" in Brooklyn, NY it's The Down Low net-radio

    show with your host Wayne Pate. Check out the show for the latest

    culture beats-universal sounds.

    The Down Low #23 with guest Rainer Truby

    1.George Lee Larnyoh- La I La I La/ Afrika Underground- Counterpoint

    2. Misa Negra- The Way It Used To Be- Counterpoint

    3. Everyday People- Simmer Down- Papa Records

    4. Stacey Kidd feat. Matthew Yates- I Wanted You- YellowOrange

    5. Victor Davies- Sound Of The Samba (MAW Remix)- JCR

    6. Gang Do Tagarela- Melo Da Tagarela (Rapper's Delight)/Black Rio-

    7. Ray Barretto- Love Beads- Fania Records

    8. UFO- Suite Espagnole- Avex

    9. NuSpirit Helsinki- Silent Steps- ?

    Rainer Truby (Past + Present Mix)

    1. Artur Verocai- No. 3- Test

    2. Azambuja + Cia- Tema Do Azambuza- CID

    3. Toquinho- Carolina Carol Bela- RGE

    4. Os Originais Do Samba- Tenha Fe, Pois Amanaha Um Lindo Dia vai
    Nascer- RCA

    5.Seu Jorge- Chega No Suingue- Mr. Bongo

    6. Mango- Mango- CBS

    7. Ray Barretto- Ritmo Sabroso- Tico

    8. Mongo Santamaria- Espiritu Libre- Tropical Buddha

    9. Wagon Cookin'- Natural High- Test

    10. Serenity Project- The Sun Will Shine- Melodius Funk

    11. Espiritu- In Praise Of The Sun-Sun Dub- WEA

    12. 4 Hero- Hold It Down (bugz In The Attic Mix)- Talking Loud

    13. Sie- Superpro-Kid- Pussyfoot

    End Of Set

    1.Angélique Kidjo- Black Ivory Soul- Columbia

    2. Joseph Malik- Futuristica- Compost

    3.Karime Kendra- Lovely Brown Skin- Score Recordings

    4.Will.I.Am feat Terry Dexter- Lay Me Down- BBE Test

    Guest dj set upcoming line up: Nik Weston, Michael Rutten, Fabrizio
    Carrer, Nickodemus & Osiris,
    Swell Sessions and more in the future. Don't miss out!

    Want your music played on The Down Low and out & about in NYC, send it

    Wayne Pate/Soul Rebel
    180 Atlantic Ave #3
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

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