The Listening Room/ Mole/ Ben Butler

From: Christina Long (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 20:43:39 CET

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    Every once in a while, and it's been a while, a mixed compilation comes
    out that is almost perfect in every way, right down to the mix. Not to
    mention a hand full of my favorite artist on one CD.
    Well there is one of those compilations coming out brought to you by
    Mole Listening Pearls compiled and mixed by Ben Butler. This is what I
    "was" expecting from OM 6.
    Romantic, modern, classy, edgy, funky, jazzy, innocent, moving,
    emotional, powerful, creative, raw and personal.
    I can almost guarantee this compilation will be one of the top comps of
    Mole Listening Pearls Presents
    The Listening Room mixed by Ben Butler
    Where do I even begin? First off the mix, Ben Butler, you are one hell
    of a DJ. Not only was the track selection amazing but the order and mix
    in which he laid this out is as good as the music. I'm highly impressed.
    My favorite tracks:
    Track #1
    Yonderboi - Riders on the Strom *****
    Track #2
    Dublex Inc. - Sorrover
    Track #6
    Thunderball - Getaway
    Track #7
    Naomi - Go
    Track #9
    UKO - Teleroc *****
    Track #10
    Quantic - Life in the Rain*****
    Track #11
    Tosca - Busenfreund (Walkner Moestl Dub) ***** (this remix is so sick)
    Track number 8 is Baby Mammoth's "And I'll See You" which we all know
    and love, but I must point out that the mixing out of this song into
    track #9 UK0's Teleroc is absolutely wicked as hell. I replayed that
    intro three times already.

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