rap [truth hurts] + herbert, + paradox, "satellites are spinning"

From: B. Young (bjy159@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 07:36:48 CET

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    want to mention this rap track that is hitting TRUTH HURTS> FEAT> RAKIM.
    "ADDICTIVE". PRODUCED BY DJ QUIK &DR. DRE. not only the vocalist is
    outrageous and there is an eastern style to it, but the production is on top
    being a collaboration between quik and dre! check it out. got it through
    morpheus in a few minutes and bought it through hiphopsite.com... plus this
    pete rock twelve inch with one of my favorite tracks from the time... Jamal
    "Fades Em All"... its a pete rock remix & the sample sounds like icing on
    the cake. shouldn't even be spending the dough but gotta have it.

    em. herbert remix albums look good. saw him live once and he and this
    female vocalist ripped it up. :) I like the Blaze remix I heard. dom um
    romao 12" w/ the ian obrien remix got my eye too. paradox "a black sun"...
    joseph malik "take it all in and check it out"... zero db remix of sun ra's
    "satellites are spinning" touched me and... daaayum!


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