mr. scruff 3/19 nyc

Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 09:01:08 CET

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         hey party people, how are you all? i haven't posted to the list since
    like 1979 ( just jiving ) so here goes. i went to the apt on tuesday night
    with nickodemus and his lady, laura, to check out mr. scruff. the bar was
    lovely, but a little swank, but the main thing missing was adequate dancing
    space. dj angola and dj smash warmed up the crowd with a nice selection,
    tinged with 80's hip hop and some nice dubs. mr. scruff killed it! as noted
    earlier, there was not adequate dancing space, and his set deserved a club
    dance floor. scruff's dj skills were on point and his choice of music was
    incredible, i only recognized one song, everything else was new to my ears.
    he played mostly rare groove, some hip hop, & some dubs. like i said
    before, i haven't posted in years, i just wanted to let you kids know that if
    mr.scruff in your town, he is worth checking out.

         love & peace

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