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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 09:59:08 CET

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    STYLIN - Rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other worldly fusions
    Friday afternoons 12-2pm RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne
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    Hello all

    Regular Stylin listeners would be familiar with the Trainspotters' Corner
    segment where we unmask a new record for sample sources, musicians, labels
    and other links to the great music of the past. OK, so we didn't have it
    last week, but plenty of the tracks could have been contenders - Cinematic
    Orchestra with Fontella Bass, MAW remixing Nina Simone, Butti 49's storming
    Grupo Arembere remix and a new version of Fela's "Sorrow Tears and Blood" by
    Bilal, Common, Erykah Badu and Zap Mama.

    Plus we had 2 supreme trainspotters in the studio in the form of Jazzanova's
    Claas and Jurgen. These guys had records on the brain, big time - buying
    records until 230am the night before their morning flight (Fedime's?). We
    had a strictly unreleased selection from their book of CDRs - all cuts from
    their JCR and Sonar Kollektiv labels. But they assure me that the JCR
    reissue series will be returning with a compilation of rare Argentinian
    gems. And now that their album is finished and ready for release in about a
    month, they'll be getting back to remixing too - including rubs for Nu
    Spirit Helsinki and MAW featuring Roy Ayers. I've already played many of the
    cuts from the album, In Between, and it's definitely an album of different
    flavours, with some fine guests like David Friedman, Vikter Duplaix and Doug

    We've had a bit of a reshuffle of the Stylin roster, so up tomorrow will be
    a fine eclectic mix from Sweden's Mad Mats, the guy whose charts I've been
    peepin for years. Mats also runs the legendary Raw Fusion clubnight in
    Stockholm, and is now starting a label of the same name, reflecting his
    diverse taste in quality music.

    And hold tight, we should have Michael Rutten's Jazz Warrior mix the
    following week.

    until next time
    Ennio Styles

    ***** COMING UP ON STYLIN *****
    Friday 22 March - Mad Mats (Sweden)
    Friday 29 March - Michael Rutten (Germany)
    Friday 12 April - Spinning Wheel (Germany)
    Friday 19 April - Angela Maison & Ant J Steep (Melbourne)
    Friday 26 April - Trevor Parkee (Sydney)

    In the pipeline - Oneness of Juju, Eivind Olsvik, Koop, Cliffy & Russ Jones,
    Bugge Wesseltoft, Les Gammas, DJ Spinna, Jason Palma, Wayne Pate, Nik Weston

    ***** STYLIN 33 - PLAYLIST - FRIDAY 15 MARCH 2002 *****
    Title - Artist (Label)
    1. All that You Give ­ Cinematic Orchestra feat Fontella Bass (Ninja Tune
    2. Kini Kini ­ Tchok (Versatile test)
    3. Get this Money ­ R Kelly & Jay Z (Roc-a-fella)
    4. Slow Up ­ Slum Village (white)
    5. Tainted ­ Slum Village (JCOR)
    6. Sorrow Tears and Blood ­ Bilal, Common, Erykah Badu & Zap Mama (Red Hot
    7. See Line Woman (MAW Remix) ­ Nina Simone (Verve)
    8. Rideaway Getaway ­ Kaidi Tatham (Laws of Motion)
    9. Head on the Block Pt 2 ­ Raw Deal (Talkin Loud)
    10. Iaia (Butti 49 Remix) ­ Grupo Arembere (Strut)
    11. Days to Come (Ian O¹Brien Mix) ­ Jazzanova (JCR)
    12. That Night (Wa-Chu-Ku Mix) ­ Jazzanova (JCR)
    13. Unknown title ­ Ras (Sonar Kollektiv)
    14. It¹s No Use ­ Jazzanova (JCR)
    15. LOVE and You & I ­ Jazzanova (JCR)
    16. Another New Day ­ Jazzanova (JCR)
    17. Untitled ­ Lava (Sonar Kollektiv)
    18. Bright Nights (Rima Techno Chimp Vocal Mix) ­ Koop (JCR)
    19. Lose and Win (Watch TV Remix) ­ Beady Belle (Jazzland)

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