New Hefner LP? Kinda, Sorta, ABRAHAM.

From: Aaron Shinn (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 21:07:42 CET

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    Hey AJlist,

    I don't know if everyone was as floored as I was by Hefner's first LP
    on Inertia, "Residue". The overall lushness, the style of
    programming, the atmosphere. The album as a package was on fire when
    it dropped and it still sounds awfully good. Anyhow, just when I
    began wondering what Mr. Lee Jones has been up to I get news that
    he's produced an album with a vocalist under the name Abraham.

    So I pick it up.
    It's on v2 music UK, album's titled "Blue for the most",
    and it basically sounds like Hefner with a liberal dose of pop
    sensibility, straightforward songwriting, heavy orchestration and of
    course hours and hours of determined work in the studio. I wouldn't
    hesitate to say it's "radio ready", but I'm at a loss as to who would
    just jump to embrace this album.

    The *sound* of the album is just delicious. And it's extremely dense,
    clocking in at just under 40 minutes with 12 or so tracks. Intense,
    really - almost overstimulating.

    It's got a bit of Herbert in it, but minus the thick layer of digital
    noodling (no disrespect to Herbert of course). It's got a bit of the
    Portishead melencholia/vocal flavor, but the production is so
    complex/lush/dynamic that it becomes much more than that.

    Just think UK Folk + Soundtrack Downtempo + Dance music embellishments.

    I'm at a loss, and frankly it's too early for me to wholeheartedly
    say that I like the album - it might not be for me. But I do think
    it's a great piece of music, and somebody on this list will certainly
    love it.

    Anyway, interesting work from Hefner.
    Reminds me of how William Orbit worked on his own for years then went
    on to produce undeniably good mass-market hit records. Also see Mark
    Bell's work with Bjork.

    .aaron shinn

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