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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 22:23:04 CET

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    XLR8R Lowdown, March 21, 2002


    The Future Sounds Like This : JAZZNOVA
    Their post-jazz, cyber-Brazilian sounds paved the way for new hybrid genres in dance and garnered them firm respect in the global scene... "I think our experience as DJs and producers has shaped the album like a DJ set-or what we think a good one should be like," says von Knoblauch. "We want to feature a kaleidoscope of music."

    Patterned Prophecies : 4HERO
    "...The twist we have is more natural. We tried every trick under the sun with drum & bass. So we've done that, learnt the techniques, and how to make it work musically rather than just experimenting. We try to use [drum & bass techniques] in a way that people can understand and maybe get the magic from them without even realizing..."

         hey party people, how are you all?  i haven't posted to the list since like 1979 ( just jiving ) so here goes.   i went to the apt on tuesday night with nickodemus and his lady, laura, to check out mr. scruff.  the bar was lovely, but a little swank, but the main thing missing was adequate  dancing space.  dj angola and dj smash warmed up the crowd with a nice selection, tinged with 80's hip hop and some nice dubs.  mr. scruff killed it! as noted earlier, there was not adequate dancing space, and his set deserved a club dance floor.   scruff's dj skills were on point and his choice of music was incredible, i only recognized one song, everything else was new to my ears.  he played mostly rare groove, some hip hop, & some dubs.  like  i said before, i haven't posted in years, i just! wanted to let you kids know that if mr.scruff in your town, he is worth checking out. 

         love & peace

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