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    Hello everyone, it's been a long time, so we have
    lots of news for you. Parties, releases & a little
    top 10 to boot!

    First, a little background. Back in the late summer,
    we organized a little Football (U.S. soccer) match
    against the Giant Step fellas.

    ***Turntables on the Hudson vs. Giant Step***

    We said to Manchester boy, head honcho, Maurice, "You
    round up a team, we round up a
    team & the winner of the game gets to bring over a
    guest from their city of upbringing to do a party
    together." So, we thought we were slick inviting the
    Italian crew including Fabrizio from IRMA, Luca &
    Little Jay, who is small, quick like lightning & 1/2
    Jamaican. Well, little did we know, Maurice brings
    Nick Patton & other 'Manchester United' prospects.
    (Nick was on his way to the pro's- he kicks like
    Pele) not to mention, the little bugga, Maurice, out
    ran all of us!! Even Little Jay!

    So, in the end they were up something like 11 to 7
    when we threw the towel in on ourselves. So, there
    you have it- our guests for our next party hold
    the "Underground Crown" in Manchester, UK, for fat &
    funky beats that are gonna give YOUR backside a
    workout on the dancefloor!
    (We even had to make the flipside of the flyer red
    for the "United" team ;)

    Turntables On The Hudson & Giant Step proudly present


    featuring DJ's MARK RAE (of Rae & Christian)
    and AIM, with guest vocalist Nikosol (Grand Central
    Records) + DJs NICKODEMUS and MARIANO (TOTH)

    In the Heated Tent: Mark Rae + Aim + Qool Marv
    In the Boat: Nickodemus + Mariano + The Beatscout
    In the lounge: Saskai and Ranka (Echolounge)

    Advance Tickets sold at:
    Other Music 212-477-8150
    Etherea 212-358-1126
    Bergen Beat 718-623-1934

    Doors Open At: 10PM (21+ over with ID)
    Advanced Price: $15.00
    Door Price: $20.00

    All takes place @ The Frying Pan
    Chelsea Piers- Pier 63
    23rd st and 12th Ave (West Side Hwy)

    Thursday, April 4, 2002, 9PM - 11PM
    "Turntables at the Guggenheim"
    Take another look at the BRAZIL: BODY & SOUL exibit &
    dance to the finest in Afro/ Brazillian Vibes with
    Nickodemus & Mariano. **If you are interested in
    coming to this event, you have to ask us personally
    for an invite. We only have about 50 left & you
    cannot enter without one! So please ask us at the
    Frying Pan - we'll be glad to pass them on

    Had enough of all this "Turntables & Hudson biz?"
    Not so fast- The opening night of Turntables on the
    Hudson is Friday, APRIL 19th*****2002

    rain or moonshine infoline (212) 560 5593

    Top 10 from the "Vinyl Habit Anonymous" (VHA) meeting
    (Nicko's confessions)

    1) "That Night" by Jazzanova feat. Victor Duplaix
    It's become like one of those "Songs in the Key of
    Life" Addictions where I used to pass by thrift shops
    & 2nd hand bins just buying every copy I came across-
    *This is such a beautiful vocal with perfect
    lyrics & a sweeeeeeeet track all in one! Can't wait
    for the full length. (JCR Records)

    2) "Tunnel Music" by Zongamin
    This is that funky secret weapon that's been dropped
    on many occasions over the past year & then quickly
    filed back in the crates before anyone asked to see
    it. Sorry but I had to do it- I was protecting you
    from the funk overload! (Flesh Records)

    3) "Below the Radar" by Frankie Valentine
    My favorite at the moment is the track "past &
    present" no it's "brazil" I can't choose just one
    song- they all have there place in beautiful &
    diverse album. (Sunshine Music)

    4) "Take it All In" by Joseph Malik
    I got this one a bit late, but better late then never
    & the blues are forever! Vocals, guitar & a nice
    house beat- This should be hooked up for a movie
    soundtrack (Compost Records)

    5) "Do Your Best" by Femi Kuti (Faze Action Remix)
    This is one of the hottest remixes I've heard in a
    while. Nice tight beat, funky bassline, dubbed horns
    & vocals- Fela is definately approving Femi's choice
    of remixers! (MCA Records)

    6) "Bellaluna/ Inside" Funky Lowlives (remixed by
    Dorfmeister & Uptight/ Boozoo Bajou)
    One day I'm all about the A-side, the next the B-side
    so, I had to get 2 copies and play them back to back
    last week. Funky-Funky downtempo! (Stereo Deluxe)

    7) "Sunday Paper" by Farid
    The riddims return! Solid beat, Rootdown horn
    arrangements & bouncing guitar licks make this one to
    talk about in the "meetings." *This will be on the
    upincoming Turntables 4 comp. coming this summer
    (ESL Recordings)

    8) "What You Say" by Tony D
    Sometimes a very simple catchy loop can have you
    dancing for hours. This vocal snippet, beat & groove
    has me dancing for days! *Tony D was the producer
    behind my alltime favorite "Shakila" by the Poor
    Righteous Teachers. (Grand Central Records)

    9) "String Theory" by Plastic Buddha (Nickodemus &
    Osiris' Hipharmonic Remix) I'm particularly proud of
    this one because we decided to bring it back with
    scratches & live congas- a big dedication to old
    school Hip Hop & NYC!
    (Life Enhancing Audio)

    10) "Tango Forte" by Dublex (Baby Mammoth Remix)
    Bounce to this dub-electro-80's-nameplate beltbuckle
    style & don't stop! (Pulver Records)

    ~I'm trying to get the others in the group to speak
    out & confess, we'll see how the next meeting goes~

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