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Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 13:22:28 CET

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    ''Hey, don't worry about the rain Cuki! It's just liquid sunshine''
    And some how I have to agree with my friend Martina after the inspiration I got last week.

    ......... Its epic but I encourage you to read!

    Playing records for a living is cool! No about doubts! It sure beats the hell out of 9 to 5, Mon to Fri, pushing paper and pens. Travelling on a train is a worthy cool too. With planes unfortunately the view is restricted to usually a seat in front and to the sides, this seat is usually blue in colour and of a very cramped nature. If you are lucky, you get a small window and a view of some white fluffy clouds and a blue sky. If you are really lucky, you may witness a sunset or a dawn breaking! Trains though are the new lick with the Cuki. Epic cross country journeys on trains called 'Carlo Goldoni' or 'San Marco' with carriages reminiscent of the 'Orient Express'. Wagons with curtains and seats that turn into damn comfy beds! Views of the Alps and beyond keeping my nose permanently pressed against the carriage window. Spectacular scenery as these trains cut their way through mountains, forests and some of the finest sights you could see in Europe. We start this particular journey from home base here in Vienna.

    March 8th, Electro Sacher, Trieste, Italy.
    'Carlo Goldoni' must be at least 18 carriages long. Comfy with it too! It has to be, I'm riding this baby for over seven hours! Seats like Sofas, arm rests like a cows back! Train journeys can also be a source of emotional nourishment too! You sometimes get to meet the most interesting peeps on 'Goldoni's' and the like. Like the time I met a 21 year old Czech table dancer on her way to the bright lights of Zurich! Or the girl from Budapest who split up with her boyfriend just one hour earlier? Cuki don't half pick em! This particular journey, I share a carriage with Nicola, a native Viennese girl who is travelling all the way to Rome to tell her 'sort of boyfriend' that she is pregnant. Why she cannot tell him over the phone is an amusement to me but I try to understand her predicament as she ponders his response before hand. At this time I still don't know the outcome of her travels to Rome! Is her 'sort of boyfriend' now a fully fledged one or not? And this nothing to the return leg believe me!
    I arrive at Trieste central to be picked up by Sandro, a sweet and genuine character from the Electro Sacher collective. Bersculoni is in town so much of the city is forbidden to travelling DJ's and their chocolate cake eating hosts. I'm rushed to a little record shop in the city centre before Silvio and his entourage can get their mitts on my collection of broken beats, phuture funk and nu Jazz. Toni, the shop owner takes me to a nearby cafe and we sip delightful Espresso's and chat about the current state of coffee and cafes in Europe and beyond. Toni's beautiful wife Georgia looks after the shop while we sip choice java and later unpack Cuki's belongings at his apartment. I share this space with two gorgeous black cats and four beautiful though monstrous looking water turtles that look like miniature dinosaurs. They have long claws that look razor sharp and Cuki keeps his hands firmly in his pockets. We are joined for dinner by Jazza (Gianluca) and other members of the fun loving chocolate and nu jazz collective.
    The Electro Sacher night is held in a wonderful and warm little cafe in the centre of town. The 'Caffetteria del Borgo' is as charming as only a Italian cafe could be. Elegant brick work and inviting decor surround me as I take in this beautiful little venue. I get to realise the naming of the collective as I witness the best selection of cakes and pastries around. Cakes that would put Demel to shame, and of course the Viennese speciality of Sacher torte is among them. Usually the crew play a selection of low-fi and downbeat productions that also originate from Vienna but tonight we'll play sounds closer to Minerva Road then Grundsteingasse. I'm warmed up by Dibla (Daniele), a enthusiastic DJ to say the least. We're in a party mood and Daniele is the perfect playmaker for such an event. The crowd come and with all Italians, there is a sense of sophistication about everything they do. Everything they wear, eat and say just seems more classy. This is not Co-op or Flex on a Sunday or Monday night but still this crowd know how to have a good time without losing the plot. Cuki finally gets to play and the replacement CD-R's are sounding good. I'm joined for the last two hours for a back to back session with Daniele again, and we have much fun playing as hard and as fast as our boxes will allow us. Not many Cafes I know that close around 5 in the morning, but with all those cakes, B breezers and top twelve's in the box as ample fuel, Cuki and the collective certainly didn't run out of gas. Another late night is amongst us though and we journey back to the apartment with the cats and the turtles. Another great night on the road. Electro Sacher at the Cafe del Borgo = Class. You can check the Electro Sacher musical selection on every Wednesday from 20.30 till 22.00.
    As always, I have to say my thanks. To all the crew in Trieste. A beautiful location, beautiful people and Cuki having a fantastic time. Cheers guys.

    March 9th, Club K4, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    I had to shake my head in disbelief! Was I really going to share a car ride with the most beautiful girl in Slovenia! Apparently I was. My host for this wonderful day Ozren brought her along I guess to make me even more comfortable. Maybe she was just his flat mate with nothing to do and came for the ride? Anyway, riding back seat with Ana was the best start to any day not just this day. Shame the journey was only ninety minutes and not ninety hours! Yeah, car journeys can be fun too ;)
    Ozren, Ana and the driver who I couldn't remember his name even if my life depended upon it, get me safely to the city of Ljubljana. A small but perfectly formed city (just like Ana) of just the right proportions. About 200,000 inhabitants reside here in Ljuby, and so nice that some of them really digging the sound of west London and surrounding suburbs of nu jazz. Lunch is taken at the Cafe Romeo and the most beautiful girl in Slovenia suddenly becomes the second most beautiful girl in Slovenia! Yes, Cuki falls in love yet again! Firstly in the back seat of the car with Ana then with the waitress from heaven, the stars and the garden of all earthly delights. The rest of the Loungebox crew join us for some tasty Mexican nosh and we set about the task of seducing the sweetest girl in Ljubljana to the Loungebox session latter that evening at the K4 club. I spend a wonderful afternoon at the cafe with Martin, Saso, Luka, Uros, Ozren, Ana and a girl called Snowflake eating chicken burritos, cherry pancakes and drinking mucho Cappuccino's. Again, playing records for a living is cool but travelling, meeting and making new friends is the coolest of all cools. Ljuby has some of the coolest people I know.
    I set up camp at Martin's place and after a few hours nap, we head off to the K4 club to give Ljuby a large dosage of phuture funk. Ozren is opening up the event with the classiest tunes Slovenia has probably ever heard. For me, it is great that home grown DJ's in such places are playing the latest platters from Scandinavia, west London, Vienna and Berlin. The nu jazz vibe has really spread and the open mindedness of the music has spread to the like minded of the audience. Cuki spins and for four hours the K4 club opens its heart to all beats broken, fragmented and sometimes unfamiliar. I have to take hold of my senses and realize that I am not playing in London but little ol' Ljubljana. Yeah, the music has really spread and one thing is for sure though! They get it, they really do. In fact playing these tunes here is sometimes a lot easier then playing them back in London. They may not know who Domu, Paul Seiji or Kaidi Tatham are but they sure do love their music. I'm sure its only a matter of time before such guys actually spin their own records in such clubs. I'm sure too that new music will be produced in such countries and locations in the years to come. Fascinating times ahead!
    Once again I have to show love and warmth to all those who looked after me while in Ljubljana. Those at the cafe, the club and the after party where we had some tasty morsels including a very scrummy chocolate cake. To Marsha, Martin,Ozren and all at K4 in particular. As with these things we always finish with a heart felt 'we luv ya boots' from the Cuki.

    March 10th, Kontrapunkt, Zagreb, Croatia.
    Alen S is sometimes referred to as Jesus of Zagreb! This time he was extra excited to see the Cuki so he was Jesus of Zagreb on Speed! Alen is not your typical Croatian driver either. Alen is Jesus of Zagreb on speed who thinks he is Michael Schumacher! An ability to drive at 150 kph and talk and look at you at the same time! Scary stuff but somehow we make it to the Zagreb from Ljubljana in one piece.
    Kontrapunkt, home of one of the best club nights in Europe, home of three of the nicest guys on the third planet in. Talking about Eddy, Dus and Alen aka Jesus of Z. A proper way to send a Sunday, but this Sunday the Croatian version of the European song contest is showing on TV and we worry that the club will be empty. It's midnight and Jesus of Zagreb is playing dope hip hop but nobody is here. The Aquarius club in which Kontrapunkt is held is a wonderful venue with punchy sound system. They fill this joint out weekly but today could be a bummer. Past the 1 and Cuki takes to the decks, and at this time I see a place filling up by the second. Three records in and the joint is full. Maybe the TV show finished extra late, maybe they was extra time, sudden death or penalties! Do they have those in the Eurovision song contests? Anyway, another place where playing nu music feels comfortable. I guess this is all down to the residents Eddy, Dus and Alen. Adventurous producers and DJ's with talent in abundance. I remember many a time in the studio with Patrick Forge at the Kiss FM radio station, Patrick teasing me with Eddy & Dus bizniz that I didn't have. We've both watched these two fine producers grow in statue over the last few years. There's more to come too. Get ready for excellent remixes for a Mo Smog Sun Ra outing and Eddy & Dus blow DJ Patife out of the water with their remix Les Gammas's classic 'Outra Vida'. Anyway back to Kontrapunkt Sunday night Monday morning bizniz and the CD players are getting a hammering. I'm joined in the booth by Eddy as he just has to press his finger on the wet paint as they say. We decide to have a threesome (not that kinda threesome) this one is with the turntables and CD players ! Alen with his selection, Yours truly with his toolbox and Eddy choosing from any box he can see. Back to back to back and the party is in full effect. The guys having been running this wonderful club night in Zagreb for over 2 years and more importantly the Konrapunkt music festival is now one of the highlights for artists and music lovers alike in the nu jazz diary. The 3rd festival is nearly upon us. End of April for an undisclosed but top quality line up of bands and DJ's. Do check the excellent link to all affairs Kontrapunkt at A great picture of Jesus of Zagreb aka Alen S in the Kolektiv applet :)
    Also on this day we catch up with Maybe Blue! Her of the east European spy network and uncover espionage activity here in Vienna back in December. We 'miss her boots' sweetie and ''what are you doing''? The nights events are well documented on Only one problem though! Its in a funny language! There is a nice pic though of Cuki in fetching blue light

    March 11th, Hi Fi Hotel, RADIO3, Sarajevo, Bosnia.
    My travel guide for this epic journey is a non speaking van driver dropping off western publications to Slovenia, Zagreb, Sarajevo and to all those at passport and custom controls. Yep, good quality western mags are a great way to get through border controls with the minimum amount of fuss. Its a five hour journey from Zagreb to Sarajevo by car, its about eight hours by train. I sacrifice my love of train journeys for a shorter route via a Volkswagen van and a man who cannot speak English. We smile at each other a lot but I have absolutely no idea what he said and I'm sure he has no idea what I said. I'm dropped off on the outskirts of town and my two hosts for the next four days Enes and Emir pick me up at a local shopping mall. I'm driven into town by my two wonderful friends and as we enter the city I get to witness the full extent of what really happened here. Most will be aware that Sarajevo suffered a siege and a war that shocked and disturbed us no end. Driving into Sarajevo and seeing this first hand brought home a shocking truth that war is even more evil then I always thought. I cannot begin to describe into words what this felt like as I saw one burnt out building after another. Seeing buildings ridden with shell fire and bullet holes was an uneasy experience to say the least. One thing I quickly learned though, that the hardship that the people of Sarajevo suffered made them even more beautiful. I guess if you go with out water, electricity, heating and the likes for over three years then you develop a richness of character that is missing from so many today. There is no bitterness in the people of Sarajevo and this is one of the most beautiful things I have even seen. I guess just being alive is enough for the people of Sarajevo, having your own city and the ability to walk in it without the fear of sniper fire is a freedom that I will probably never truly ever get to sense. I can tell you that I feel in love with this city on a grand scale. I feel in love with the people who live here, the beautiful mountains that surround it and in a perverse way, the destruction and disturbing times that happened here.
    I'm here to visit Enes and Emir who have a wonderful radio station and show for the city. RADIO3 is one of the true underground stations in Europe and broadcasts nightly. Enes and Emir's weekly HiFi Hotel radio show just happens to be on my first day in Sarajevo and I am asked to co host the show live from the studios 50 tunes pass through the turntables and CD players that night and we decide to finally shut up shop at 3 in the morning. Again these guys totally representing the nu jazz scene and with a open mindedness to all they hear. RADIO3 also syndicates quality shows from Europe ranging from Coldcut's 'Solid Steel' show, 'Global House Connection', 'Higher Ground Show', 'Sequence FM' and soon to be added 'Off-track' show.
    There are many obstacles that run through basic life in Sarajevo. On my visit, all the clubs in town were closed and the radio station will have a 15 day 'off the air' period for no apparent reason other then this is the way of Sarajevo life. These things happen on a daily basis and cause the people of the city much frustration. Their humour though is second to none and they get on with life better then most. I had more laughs in 4 days in Sarajevo hearing about various episodes of the Bosnian way then I had in a long time.
    There is a true sense of west meeting east in Sarajevo too. Walking through the beautiful market area of the city was a rich experience. Combinations of old meeting new, west blending into east. Enes and Emir took me to some wonderful locations and sights in these days and nights. Watching the city from the mountains and hill tops at night in particular. Eating in the smallest cafes in Europe :) tales of the worst football teams on the planet, the sad stories of what happened here between 92 and 95, the good times, parties and festivals. I learnt a lot from these two during my stay. About passion for what they do or we do. Radio and music is their life, is our life. The RADIO3 network lives on through their hard and sometimes unseen work. The guys will never give up their belief that good music should be heard and that radio is still one of the best formats to listen to the very best music. So a big thank you to Enes and Emir for a truly memorable four days. For getting me back to Trieste and for opening my eyes, ears and more importantly my heart to what's around me. I have to say many thanks also to Kopa for the accommodation during my stay. To his lovely girlfriend Zaza and to the guy in the Gooners shirt who's name I have forgot. To Adi and friends in the studio and lastly to the guy who made the chicken sandwiches.
    There is a spirit here. A memorable place where I believe love is sometimes stronger felt. The stars really do shine brightest over Sarajevo :)

    March 15th, Klinika Mozi release party, Debrecen, Hungary.
    Cavatappi is my new word in Italian. You need one when you open a bottle of top notch Slovenian wine! The return leg of the trip and this time we ride a train called 'San Marco'. I share a carriage with an Italian girl called Lila and we get along just, well, we just get along very well. Only two problems to overcome, communication and the finding of a cavatappi! The communication problem is eased a little by an Italian to English dictionary that Lila carry's with her and some bloke in a nearby carriage with a Swiss army knife relieves the cork from the bottle. This is a night train arriving in Vienna at 7 in the morning and Lila decides that she wants to communicate with the curtains closed and the lights turned off. We drink a great bottle of wine in the dark and turn the seats into a kingsize mattress! The rest is just a blur!
    A couple of hours in Wien before my connecting train to Hungary takes off. Just enough time to have a change of clothing, pick up DJ Keyser who was playing in Vienna the night before and then we head off to Debrecen via Budapest. This train journey thankfully was a little less adventurous. No vino, no lonely 22 year olds from Venezia, just me, Mr Tibbs and a few kilos of hot music. Somehow I mange to catch up on some precious Zzzzzz's and rest.
    Debrecen is the third largest city in Hungary we believe. About 200, 000 inhabitants in all though if you spent time on the street it feels more like 200. Yes, even more sleepy then Gothenburg. I'm playing at a brand new gathering of young jazz warriors who generally get extra helpings of drum n bass for such events. The promoter Pusi has organised a party including Crate Soul brother DJ Keyser to play alongside me for this hopefully the first of many such worthwhile parties on. Once again, another great night of broken beat action with plenty percussive and nu jazz shenanigans going. Another great back to back with that nu jazz Gorilla, another 5 o'clock finish.
    A special thanks to Mr Tibbs, Ani and Pusi for their wonderful hospitality.

    March 16th, XXX/Ecco Chamber party, Gazometer, Vienna.
    So we made it. Vienna, a change of clothing, a change of music, broken beats and phuture funk replaced by low-fi, chilled out, sounds for one of the best organised parties I have ever seen. Though the main room was represented with music that I am not familiar with (think they call it trance?) The chilled out top deck was a bliss to play at. Me and the Scheibosan once again having fun with the groove as always (just like the jam sessions here at Bootsville). Hats of to the XXX/Ecco Chamber peeps who really know how to put on a party. The Gazometer on the east side of town being one helluva venue for such events. Hats off too to Martin and the Zoom crew for the excellent show with the fire! (I was just about to call the fire brigade ;) So all good then. Back in Wien, back at Bootsville, back to my own bed. Yeah it's nice to be on the road, but it's also very nice to be back home. Something I really didn't feel back in London. Many thnaks to Jurgen, Daniel and Daniel for looking after me at the Gazometer.

    And that's it! Just some other little things worth a mention!
    Did anybody hear The Bays on John Peel on the 6th of March? Awesome wasn't it. What about GP playing that Bug/Tikiman track two hour's later. Told ya it was good! What till May when the Typ arrives wit da Tikiman. Next day on the Beeb, Paul Thomas giving a 'One world' special about Vienna. All good at Shepards Bush/R1 then.

    Talking about radio! FM4 Saturday night selectors Makossa, Sugar B with guest DJ's Scheibosan & Cukipapa 10 till 12 CET. tomorrow night.
    Maximum respect to the men like 'Uptight's' Werner Geier and Rodney Hunter aka Demon Flowers and Afrodelics. True past musical soldiers and at this time the 'Generals' of all things with wisdom. Catch the 'Uptight' show again on FM4 next Thursday, also 10 till 12. Another Cuki selection airing.

    Other mentions,
    To Judith, apparently I'm in mag! Where's my copy!
    Love to my Evisu bro! Soul Rebel's Wayne Pate for the tee's and that Japanese clothing book.
    And finally, the biggest birthday greetings to the original Cukibaba. See ya on the 26th ;) Don't be late!

    Dr Boots prescribes the following for your forthcoming aural pleasure.
    *Nu Bitz to chart this week

    *Seiji feat Lyric L - Loose Lips (Bitasweet) CD-R
    2.30 in the am, Dr Boots dropping west London bombs and hi hats are being throw all over the Kontrapunkt joint. This enough for Eddy Ramich! ''What the f**k is this'' he screams at the good Dr. Yeah, loose lips may sink ships and tings but this is the big one outta Bitasweet. Mad applause cause its Bugz in the attic of course.

    *Recloose - Cardiology (K7) CD-R
    Matt Chicoine aka the Recloose, this the album and this what all the headz been waiting for! So is it any good? Err, no, its not good, it's blinding. But you weren't really surprised was you. This man has a sound, he has the imagination, he has the goods full stop. Expect a deluge of up and coming artists to sound like this man in years to come. Recloose though will always be the leader. Cardiology will be one of the best albums you'll buy this year.

    *Kaidi Tatham - Feed the Cat (BB Boogie remix) CD-R
    Anthem in a certain BMW in Vienna! Yes the P-EACE man goes home the long way when this is playing on his 'in car' entertainment system. You'll need extra springs in the seats too if you follow suit. The Boogie have the bounce and this a perfect remix for Kaidi's next single. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say we want an album! You on it Mr I-Kue.

    *Focus - Find myself/Spaceship Rocket (Versatile) 12"
    Focus aka Phil Asher aka Phlash aka west London Don Dadda. A sample from the forthcoming and long awaited album for Gilb-r and co. Phil another who can twist and turn like a ballerina on acid. One excellent house mutha which cries out to be played in a club and another excursion in the form of a ragga come reggae groove that had Sugar B asking for a copy. If this is a sample of the album then we are in for a treat.

    *Jimpster - Domestic Science (Kudus) CD-R
    Another complete album from Jamie. The man with the groove in his bones and talent all the way from his shoe laces to his big generous smile. Yeah he really is nicest guy Nik and his music is the bomb. Another CD that keeps on getting stuck in the player here at 'Bootsville'. And with all Jimpster productions, diversity in abundance. Songs, grooves, everything you need in album. If music really is a journey and Jamie's music is one in the first class seat. Excellent stuff.

    *Shanti Roots & Scheibosan - Afrique/Believe (Vienna Scientists) 12'
    Flex anthem alert. Two killa tracks that start off on the phat and chunky trail and travel to holiness. Two tracks that really do take you higher. Yes, in Vienna there is a spirituality in the music! It's just that its complimented with the biggest bass found in the cellar. I got a gig coming up at the Flex and there will be four DJ's fighting to play this track. Be on it and respect to the Scheibo

    * Defcon 5 and Blue - Goodbye/Welcome (Moving records) 7"
    Blue is the colour baby! Short, sweet and sexy little seven that is sure to blow up if we can get copies over to GP and the Forgemaster. Blue is the lyricist and if she looks like she sounds that she is drop dead gorgeous. Beats supplied by Defcon 5 are of the twisted jazz hip hop style and perfectly compliment Blues sweet and sexy tones. Thos who enjoyed the Sarah Jones/DJ Vadim excursion with the 'Revolution be on the lookout.

    The Bug feat Tikiman - Live & Learn (Morpheous) 12"
    A flipside with Tikiman? Is someone having a laugh! Hey Duncan, shift me ten copies for Vienna bro. This is what we do over here. The best record not recorded by the Typ and exactly the type of deepness you experience at a Monday night Dub club session here in Wien. It's got the worst jacket in the history of cover art but man does it go deep. I'm thinking of the original lick regarding Kosheen's 'Hide U' and that genius Tikiman soothing over his wordly selection.

    Quant - Stimulus (Hollow) 12"
    New Hollow single with Joans Quant this time at the controls. Expect super richness and many textures in the keyboard work out as ever from Jonas. Add some soulful beats and a hint of that Gonkyburg bass and you get a recipe for another monster groove from Sweden.

    Chari Chari - In Time (Toys Factory) CD
    Excellent musical experience and everything a modern day sonic soundscape should be. Everton Nelson steals the show with the most amazing string arrangements. A truly epic aural journey with the music captivating the listener from the very first note. This is exactly what the Japanese do so well at, arrangements, production, sonics.

    Zero 7 - Distractions (Bugz in the Attic remixes)(Ultimate Dilemma) CD-R
    Who's bigger? Zero 7 or Bugz in the Attic? Round our way, its the Bugz! West London musical hooligans deliver two distinctive north Acton rubs for the next Z7 single. Check for the minimal and darker second mix. Lets hope they both make the cut. Maybe that jazzy Stockholm track will surface too.

    Karin Krog - Raindrops, Raindrops (Crippled Dick) 1xLP
    Excellent compilation of Norway's first lady of Jazz. Nice to see such compilations of true underground jazz singers such as Karin Krog and Kitty Winter appear on labels such as Crippled Dick and Spinning Wheel in these times. This compilation of music just showing how far forward her music really was. There will be some really interesting remixes of KK coming too.

    Uschi Classen - Album (Earth Project) CD-R
    Uschi pushes the envelope even further. 10 top selections from the forthcoming album and reinforcing the super consistent Earth Project imprint. Past favs like 'Home', 'Now Illuminate are included too. Eska and Robert Owens list as featured singers.

    UFO - V (Cutting Edge) CD
    This is deep. Forget that campness in past close encounters with UFO, this goes very deep and very spiritual. Only really towards the end of the selection do UFO remember their roots. Personally I think this is their best album ever. Heart felt, deep, sincere and very moving.

    Gotan Project - Triptico (Peter Kruder 'Trip De Luxe' remix) 12"
    This back in Fall! Secret rendezvous at the Wirr! Dr Boots undercover bizniz with his big mac on. Man dressed in black walks in with a package. Dr Boots unnoticed, slips this package into his raincoat. Thankfully the raincoat is heat resident cause this package is hot. So hot, he needed oven gloves to put it into the CD player when he got home. Aiight, the best dance record of the new century gets the Viennese treatment. And oh my god, what a treatment it is. P_EACE ,man delivers what Dr Boots thinks is his finest and most respectful remix ever. A tough job to remix the Triptico track. Its just so f**king awesome as it is. But Mr Kruder comes through with flags, horns, bells, flying colours and a big smile on Cuki's face!

    Jazzanova - In Between (JCR/Compost) CD-R
    Well, if you need oven gloves for the 'Trip De luxe' mix then you need full asbestos lining to protect you from the heat with this 13 tracker. Jazznaova come through with the first of what we hope will be many long players. 'In Between' is everything Jazzonva promised to be. All the other tracks they did before, all the remixes! They were just the paving the way for this baby. And you know how good the tracks before were! Hold your horses for April release, because thats when it arrives.

    Neon Phusion - Its Another EP (Laws of Motion) 12"
    Yes the boys are back! Alex, Kaidi, Orin and probably a few more of those giving us the Nu phusion lick. Do they ever sleep? Thankfully for us it seems not! 3 tracks including a vocal of 'Timeless Motion' apear on the new twelve.

    US3 - Get out (Afronaught mix)(Universal) 12'
    Bugz come through yet again. No I'm not on the payroll at Minerva road though it may seem that way! Afronaught to be more precise, and Mr Orange Water even manages to blow away a reasonable Truby Trio mix too. Daddy O-Bug on top form and check out their weekly new night at the 'Cherry Jam' venue in Royal Oak. West London of course

    Rima - Try to Understand (Papa) 12"
    Pressure mix the one for me. Another worthy outing for the Rima crew and Papa just going from strength to strength. Already at number 9 and no signs of holding back. Expect all the west London boys to be playing this. Check the excellent Everyday People twelve too featuring Marcus Begg

    Brandy - The Ritual (Yellow) 12"
    Both sides epic on the floor. Original rub on the deep tribal route while chateau Flight take the nu jazz path. Another CD-R that I can discard and nice to see all these tracks finally surfacing after what sometimes seems an eternity.

    Difusion - Khamelion (Far Out) 12"
    Nice to finally see this surface as a twelve after many a month on CD-R. Another super strong outing from Jamie and Daniel and those who worshiped the 'Illusive Angel' track sure not to be disappointed.

    Modaji - Pre Sets sampler (Laws of Motion) 12"
    West London restless soul boy with the skill to bring London soul back into the 21st century. A few tracks that didn't make the last album and a few that only featured on those ultra rare and collectable Japanese twelve's. Quality always assured with Dominic Jacobson

    Dudley Perkins - Flowers (Stones Throw) 7"
    Madlib on his magical music journey again. This man dosen't need mushrooms! On a roll with everything he touches and this my favourite incarnation of him with the low fi minimal soulful jazzified hip hop flava. Yesterday New Quintet all over again.

    Plej - V/T (?) CD-R
    My exclusive CD-R just got better and I'm not kidding when I say this is the best unsigned music out there. The Plej consortium come through with a 14 track CD for the Cuki and selected friends. New cuts, tighter mixes. Its the best soft electronica I've heard in ages folks and is the Cuki choice for future success. Arvid, Jabo and Eerik (Plej) also get this sound out live.

    Jol - V/T (?) 2xCD
    Yes its the Gothenburg section of the chart, and why not with what's coming out of Gonkyland. They weren't kidding when they told me the west coast is the best coast. New and improved selections from the Jol man and one CD containing his awesome soundtrack stuff.

    Stateless - Falling into (Swell Session remix)(Freerange) CD-R
    Andreas Saag aka Swell Session teams up with Jamie Jimpsters Freerange label to give us a slightly more electronic side to his soul. This chart is containing at least 4 positions form the crews in Gothenburg and believe me there is plenty more to come. Check the remix for the soulful voice of Ernesto.

    V/A - Music & Movement (Climate) 2xLP & 2xCD-R
    And about time someone gave Nik Weston a proper musical journey to compile. One of my favourite musical selectors gives us his vision on all things latin, broken, phuture and nu. 21 track CD with a few top exclusives to keep the headz happy. A 8 track vinyl will follow too to keep the junkies happy. You'll be pleased to hear that there are 5 tracks from the land of the rising sun. Only 5? Hats off to my bro.

    Yukihiro Fukutomi - Play back (Forma) 12"
    Yes, my ol' mucker Nik Weston been teasing me with this for too long! I didn't even have a CD-R. But my bros far east come through wit readies and I get to slam this in my toolbox with a big grin :) Just to show there is truth in the old saying, ''good things come to those who wait''! Or that you have the right contacts! Limited Japanese pressing and guess what? Some big boy American label got twitchy enough to sign it up. Expect Nitegroove bizniz and a release for the UK soon from Disorient.

    Guida De Palma - New Morning (Soul Source) 2xLP 1x12"
    Kitty Winter classic produced by Da Lata and friends. Typically Japanese and enough campness to move the floor at any time. Seek out on a Routine album or twelve. Japanese so you'll have to seek hard.

    Atjazz - Lab Results (Mantis) CD-R
    A selection of remixes from the excellent Lab Funk album with some new remixes and new tracks to boot. The ever consistent Atjazz and Mantis records never letting go of the groove. This may not see light of day as a vinyl album but you can bet your last Euro/Penny/Cent that there will be some tasty twelve's in the stores in months to come

    Paradox - A Black Sun (Archive) 12"
    The B side with its roots strictly imbedded in proper breakbeat. This is heavy metal for he jazz headz. Hard and fast, so you'll need some of Austria finest Red Bull to keep up with the pace. Takes me back to the good ol' days of Reinforced.

    Sun Ra - The Satellites are spinning (Zero dB mix)(Mo Smog) CD-R
    6 in the am. Flex regulars leaving the very first party of December 01. But wait, the P_EACE man has one more tune to drop. In the back ground crashing drums and horns introduce an exclusive. Someone too is calling planet Earth. Could that really be June Tyson? Er, it's at this time that we totally lose control of our boots! Neil and Chris watch on in amusement. So here it is, the maddest, the craziest remix of the year already. Zero dB excel themselves with this, their most outrageous remix. Some how and in some place far from this planet, the Ra is dancing his cosmic boots to the Z dB! Respect to the Ra, respect to the dB.

    Joseph Malik - Diverse (Compost) 2xLP
    I'm getting lost with how many great albums coming out of Haggar St. The first, second and thrid are all on Compost. Every damn track hitting Cuki's neurological, biological and physiological systems. Wow, upbeat, downbeat, nubeat, even beats with drum n bass in it. All songs too. Yep it's all here and it's all very very good. Totally awesome album, it really is. Start saving your local currency now brothers and sisters!

    Seelenluft - Album sampler (Klein) CD-R
    A mad capper from somewhere else! They tell me Switzerland and if its true then Switzerland got a lot to answer for. No really, this total loon on pure class pills as the next level of eccentric mood making and sonic soundscaping gets ready to be released at the end of April. Even those who enjoyed the excellent Synchronschwimmer EP last year in for a shock and a treat.

    Sun Ra - Sunset on the Nile (Eddy & Dus remix)(Mo Smog) CD-R
    Think the boys from Zagreb must have been pushing a supermarket trolley with a wonky wheel when they conceived this remix. It really does go all over the place. Sun Ra gets to go all broken beat. Right now, Eddy & Dus are two of the most exciting producers around and this adventurous remix shows how fearless they are with it. Two Sun Ra tracks in Cuki's chart. Maybe we should give Saturn a call and get him over for a gig?

    4 Hero - Hold it down (Bugz & Osunlade mixes)(Talkin' Loud) 2x12"
    Dollis Hill gets the Bitasweet treatment. The favourite track from the awesome 'Creating Patterns' album in clubland gets two excellnet Minerva Road rubs. Bugz as a collective and by the free spirited Kaidi Tatham. Osunlade gets a slab all to himself to warm you up even more.

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