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Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 23:32:18 CET

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    > Also, has anyone picked up the new CD by bird?
    > Wesley? Curious to know how she is outside of
    > Shinichi Osawa?

    IT's a wonderful album, and proves a wise decision to leave Osawa-san's
    nest. Perhaps even better than the previous two. I haven't had time to
    listen to it much yet, but my impressions thus far is that it's the most
    eclectic of her albums. She's enlisted the help of musicians from
    all-over, and it's perhaps her strongest LP. Her most recent single
    "Shiteki Partner" is the opener, her first production piece; and comes
    with an equally appealing PV. Tanaka Yoshito, who's a collabortor with
    Osawa and guitarist in bird's live band, is becoming a major playor and
    burning brighter with his compositional and production contributions on
    the album, which includes the single "Flow." Monday Michiru contributes
    2 songs: "Zero" and "Monochrome" and brings along her stellar crew of
    musicians David Kikoski and husband Alex Sipiaguine of the Mingus Big
    Band. bird's also brought along Yamazaki Masayoshi, a brilliant
    singer/songwriter (approaching genius) who plays most any instrument - a
    folk/rock artist. The tune he composed for bird is the upcoming new
    single, "Sanposhiyou." Most of the other tracks are composed and penned
    by bird. All groovy tunes with one cut being a hip-hop number.

    This is one of the prettiest packages. The first printing comes in a
    transparent sleeve, in a tri-fold layout with gorgeous illustrations.
    Gokuyo Hybrid also comes with a thick booklet of photos. The album cut
    of "Zero" is slightly differently from the single version. Other names
    on GH include Pianica Maeda, Genta, Jazztronik, Ryu (the 3 man DJ Krush
    group), Sano Yasuo, Kinbara Chieko Group(!), Rodney Holmes. It's bird's
    first self-produced album...

    I haven't heard the new Pushim album, but other groove artists with
    new/upcoming releases worth buying: ACO, Orange Pekoe, Ego Wrappin, Ann
    Sally, Heartsdales, Style to Kill (spy and vintage jazz omibus), UA,...

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