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Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 14:26:15 CET

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    Hi there. Its Matthew K from Interactive in Glasgow, Scotland here. After
    the madness of the last few weeks, it was nice to have a somewhat quieter
    week, with only the usual residencies. For anyone in the local area watch
    out for me tonight (Tuesday) at Firebird on Old Dumbarton Road in Glasgow's
    west end. Also forthcoming dates at Pyrotechics at Club Alaska and the new
    2nd room of the Sub Club with Harri & Domenic.
    Be sure to check out Matthew K in the mix with loads of special guest DJ's
    at the Interactive webstation at with new
    mixes online from Comet Records and 2 mixes from Spinning Wheel records as
    well as a new chat room / forum for all you trainspotters out there.
    Finally, check Matthew K on the Fenetik Radio Show on Radio Magnetic monthly on Wednesday's. Last date 13th March -
    Check the archive.

    Matthew K DJ Chart 26th March 2002

    1. King Britt Presents Obafunke: Bush Workout (Karma Giraffe)
    Yet more proof that King Britt is a fully fledged genius. Collaborating with
    African musician Obafunke, the result is a 15 minute voodoo groove.

    2. Rednose Distrikt: Nana (Hum Hum)
    Coming through Rushour this slow motion house track features some awesome
    Rhodes action resulting in one of the funkiest tracks in ages.

    3. Org: Organic Language (Revirth)
    This has probably been floating about for a while but those Japanese 12's
    are so hard to track down, I've only just discovered it. Immense production
    with broken beats, double bass AND a Calm mix on the flip. AWESOME.

    4.Susumu Yokota: Could Heaven Ever Be Like This - Bugz In The Attic Mix
    Watch out for Bugz In The Attic this year as they are on a serious roll at
    the moment. This is perhaps their best remix yet with an equally exciting
    Kyoto Jazz Massive mix on the flip.

    5. Jazzanova: Days To Come - Ian O'Brien Mix (CDr)
    Mr. O'Brien has now moved to Glasgow, and this is a forthcoming remix from
    the much hailed Jazzanova album.

    6. Various: Music & Movement Vol 1 (Climate)
    Double CD of utterly stunning music, with countless Japanese nuggets finally
    getting a release over here. Compiled by Nik Weston, this is the perfect
    indicator of where music is just now. With an 8 track vinyl sampler to
    follow, this is comiplation of the year so far.

    7. Kaos: The Renegades EP (Compost)
    The greatest label in the world continue to astound with a gorgeous
    downtempo 4 track EP.

    8. Nina Simone: See Line Woman - MAW Mix (Verve)
    First vinyl release of track from forthcoming Verve remix album. Masters at
    Work do their finest on this Nina Simone classic.

    9. Suv: Do You Remember (Full Cycle)
    Drum' n 'bass is back and its releases like this that are the reason why.
    Brilliant latin instrumentation fused with outrageous beats to devastating

    10. Ayro: Drink / Let This (Omoa)
    Second release from this exciting new Detroit label. Watch out Jazzanova,
    these guys are serious contendors with their broken beat productions.

    11. Phil Ranelin: Remixes (Hefty)
    Very exciting remix album of this early 70's spiritual jazzer. With the
    likes of Kirk Degiorgio on remix duties, this is one for the Cinematic
    Orchestra fans.

    12. Ras: Rhythmic Altered State (Best Seven)
    Forthcoming on this Sonar Kollktiv offshoot, this CDr shows yet another
    genius talent from the Jazzanova family.

    13. Plej: Sampler CD 2000 (CDr)
    These guys are going to be massive. Following the release of their mega rare
    debut 12" (does anyone actually own a copy) they follow it up with a taster
    of their future releases. These guys need to be signed.

    14. Zero 7: Distractions - Bugz In The Attic Mix (Ultimate Dillema)
    More Bugz remix buisness. Sounding like no one else around, this is a

    15. Joseph Malik: Take It All In & Check It All Out (Compost)
    Album due soon and if this is anything to go by it will be genius.

    16. Massive Attack & Mos Def: I Against I (Melankolic)
    There back and this shows them at their finest. Their most hip hop
    production in 10 years, this is an awesome record with the mighty Mos Def.

    17. Aromabar: All I Want (Infracom)
    Those Europeans give the London crew a run for their money when it comes to
    dreamy 2 step. This is wicked.

    18. Various: Disco Not Disco 2 (Strut)
    Revisiting those 1980's moments again, this is a worthy follow up to last
    years excellent first volume. Includes the mega rare dub mix of Eddy Grant's
    'Timewarp' along with other forgotten classics.

    19. Vitamin C (White)
    Again from the States, this lovely double vinyl gives us a some subtle jazz
    influences over an old style Kruder and Dorfmeister production. Very nice

    20. Block 16: Morning Sun Remixed (Nuphonic)
    The original Block 16 album was arguably the finest long player in
    Nuphonic's catalogue and this remix album is full of gems. From Dubtribe
    taking on the Bim Sherman track to Attica Blues highly underrated Charlie
    Dark reworking the Jon Lucien track, this is very exciting.

    21. The Tarantulas: Different World Now (Tru Method)
    Brilliant triple vinyl showing further developements in the broken beat / nu
    jazz sound. Watch out for this - its very special.

    22. Us3: Get Out Remixes (Universal Jazz)
    2 remixes, both brilliant. Truby Trio do the big bassline buisness, while
    Afronaught give us a broken beat monster.

    23. Baby Mammoth: Frozen (Pork)
    These guys never fail to impress with their excellent productions and this
    is yet another example of mid tempo groove mastery.

    24. Su Paka Pooh: Sunny Side Garden (Disorient)
    Following on from their amazing cover of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, here
    we have a full length album from these amazing Japanese producers.

    25. Nu Spirit Helsinki: Album Promo (CDr)
    Only 100 in circulation and forthcoming on Guidance, this is already going
    to be one of the years best albums and we are only in January. Watch out for

    26. Fenomenon: Visjon Nord EP (Nuphonic)
    One of Nuphonic's brightest hopes give us their second EP after a long wait.
    Its worth it though with a varied selection ranging from the jazzy downtempo
    grooves, bossa beats and a remix from Compost's Butti 49.

    27. 4 Hero: Hold It Down - Teebone & The Exemen Mixes (Talkin Loud)
    The remixes keep coming with some amazing sub bass 2 step buisness.

    28. Victer Duplaix: Sensuality (K7)
    Following on from the blinding DJ Kicks compilation here is yet more
    evidence of Victer's stunning future music.

    29. The Shiba Experiment: Hanadokei EP (Bambola)
    Fantastic future jazz house from Japan. With 3 excellent tracks on offer,
    the forthcoming compilation on Bambola should be something special.

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