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From: Venus (bestkeptsecret_chry@yahoo.ca)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 21:32:28 CET

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    Ahhh yeah! Snowtime in springtime! One conservative
    muppet replaces another! And the creative energy in
    the city is hitting overdrive! Yes, another edition of
    the 'Best Kept Secret' mailout is coming atchoo...a
    much abbreviated version, but version nonetheless.

    'Best Kept Secret' keeps it live every Wednesday night

    6-8 PM EST CHRY 105.5 FM in Toronto
    via cyberspace at http://www.yorku.ca/chry
    (in a Real Audio stylee)

    ____TONIGHT!!!____ (cause it's all about the

    Myself, Venus, will be holding it down...tune in for
    some soul, disco, "awww Ma, I broke it!' beats, hip
    hop, and whatever else I could stuff in my rekkid bag
    for this eve. Dalia's holding it down on the DL
    tonight (much love, baby doll!), so keep me company:

    416-736-5656 RE-Quest Line

    Last week's show was pure niceness...a big thanks goes
    to Eternia and Masia One, who came through the studio
    to chat about the emceeing thing and who restored our
    love for hip hop. Crazy hot up in the studio that
    night! Much love to those ladies. When you see their
    names on wax...DO NOT SLEEP!!!

    Playlist from that night (March 20th, the 2-0-0-2)

    Prefuse 73 - 'Nuno' - Warp
    Waiwan - 'Nightmare' - Autonomy Records
    The Blackbyrds - 'Gut Level' - Fantasy
    Irving Martin and Brian Dee
                            - 'Deadline Destination' - Strut
    24 Carat Black - '24 Carat Black Theme' - Fantasy
    Mighty Ryeders - 'Evil Vibrations' - Fantasy
    (hmm...could you be my fantasy? ahahahaha)
    Fatback Band - 'King Tim III (Personality Jock) -
    De La Soul - 'Eye Know' - Tommy Boy
    Kenny Dope - 'Clap Ya Handz' -
    Ice Cube - 'Wicked' - Interscope
    Moonstarr - 'Dust' - PTR
    Run DMC - 'Mary Mary' - Def Jam
    Redman - 'Time For Sum Akshun (instr.)' - Def Jam
    Cypress Hill - 'Hand on the Pump' - Columbia
    Beastie Boys - 'Paul Revere' - Def Jam

    Interview: Eternia and Masia One

    The ladies rock the freestyle with:
    Ugly Duckling - 'Friday Night' (instr) - 1500 Records
    Ticklah - 'Cold Noodle' - Purpose/Landspeed
    Gangstarr - 'Words I Manifest' (instr.) - Wild Pitch
    Pete Rock - 'What You Waiting For' - BBE
    OC - 'Time's Up' (instr.) - Wild Pitch

    Eternia - 'Work It Out' - Tough Dumplin
    Masia One - untitled dopeness - CD-R

    Yes indeed!

    First off, Dalia sends much apologies to those who
    headed down to Jai Bar on last Friday night...due to
    promoter issues with the space, the night was
    cancelled at the last minute. Good lookin out for
    representing...our Dalia will be ripping a dancefloor
    near you shortly! We'll keep you posted...

    Thanks to all that came out in the freezing cold for a
    special 'Chicks Drag It' edition of Chicks Dig It.
    Who knew that Moonstarr has a stomach to die for and
    Dan Lui should really grow his hair to a bleached
    white crop cut? Sara Scruton, Onastic, and Zuzanna
    ripped it up lovely. Much fun...can't wait to get the
    pics back for that one! Check us out this Monday April
    1 (whaaaat? April already?) at the Apothecary (340
    Adelaide St. W at Peter, d-town baby!!).

    This week's fine chooning experts will be:
    Sabrina (minimal dubby techno sweetness), Siren
    (downtempo housey biznizz), Katikata (tech-house
    heaven), LeeLee Mishi (soulful house vibes) and
    Soulsistah (fine reggae riddims). Reach reach reach!
    A hefty pay-what-you-can ($2 suggested cover). A good
    time, fo sho. Need more info? Email
    chicksdigit@sympatico.ca...safe travels for Heidi in
    Mexico! Much hugs dahlink...

    This Sat March 30th at 160 Spadina (at Queen), the
    Common Collective will be bringing you a diverse media
    showcase of local artists 'brought together to inspire
    and inform'. So get inspired and informed! All sorts
    of media expression explored at this gallery: photo,
    film, music, canvas, fabric (fashion), walls (graf),
    and paper (comics). Artistic suspects include a whole
    slew of peoples, including Aaron Pocock, Amit Dahan,
    Ryan O'Neill, Neisi, Wymp and others... Warming the
    decks will be DJs Chocolate, Dorc, Danimal, Sabrina,
    Freedom, Greggd, Piggies, and myself Venus (kicking it
    off, babies). $7 cover starting at 6 PM with
    complimentary food and drink served. The show and
    sale runs March 31- April 4. For more info, go
    directly to:

    Check me out on Tuesdays at Tempo, 596 College St.W at
    Clinton. Saketinis and Venus slanging out the
    jazzed-out ruckus...a deadly combination. Weekly
    baby! The weather will warm up soon, I promise...me
    and Mother Nature have been chatting it up...

    And another Tuesday night event called 'Our House'
    invades the Apothecary (340 Adelaide St. West...but
    you knew that cause you come down on Mondays...).
    House (hmmmm...) and other fine sweet sounding
    stuff...more info at you next week!

    OK! I need to get back to my job...

    'Best Kept Secret'...hell no, we can't keep it under
    wraps forever....

    Peace and much respect

    Tash aka the one Venus*Woman about town and co-host of* "BEST KEPT SECRET"*Wednesdays 6-8 PM EST*Live in Toronto on CHRY 105.5 FM*Worldwide on http://www.yorku.ca/chry

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