RE: Tony Allen and afrobeat track ID

From: Tekin Suleyman (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 13:38:56 CET

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    i was at his manchester gig on saturday and, man, what a gig! the whole band
    was hot, and the crowd made the night (so many familiar faces getting down
    to some serious movin).

    the man tony had a smile on his face the whole night, played right through
    his half hour intermission and then another half hour extra at the end!!
    definitely one of the best gigs i've been to in a long time.

    my friend came away with one of the mans drum sticks. jealous? me!?

    the stuff he was playing was mainly from his recent 'black voices' lp
    (1999). the track common sampled is off this lp (i think it's the title
    track), and it's definitely worth getting.

    he did play a couple of older tracks, i recognised a track from one of is
    NEPA records, but it was done in a whole new way.

    i was fortunate enough to catch him at the jazz cafe in london with the
    alenko brotherhood the other year, but this gig was far beyond that night
    (what's happened to the jazz cafe crowd recently?? too many posers, smokers
    and chatters for my liking...)

    a couple of the alenko brotherhood twelves are worth checking as well (the
    man with the drum being my favorite). didn't think much of the 'pscho on da
    bus' lp, although a couple of tracks are stong. def. check black voices

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    > Hi there
    > I went to see Tony Allen and Afrobeat 2000 play at Colchester
    > Arts Centre on
    > Sunday, as part of his very short UK tour. What a fantastic night! I don't
    > know whether he did any tours for his 'Psyco on da Bus' stuff but
    > on sunday
    > it was all live: him on drums along with a bass player and two
    > keyboard/synthesizer players. I would recommend anybody to catch
    > him on tour
    > but that was the last date. Oh well, I'm sure he will be around
    > again soon.
    > Has anybody else seen him live? What did they think of him? What's his new
    > stuff like?
    > I don't really know much Afrobeat stuff, though I know it's been discussed
    > on this list a lot. Therefore I don't know whether Tony Allen was playing
    > all old Afika 70 stuff or his new material. However, he did play one track
    > which I recognised and it must be an old track because a recorded
    > version of
    > this track was also played during the interlude in the performance.
    > I can't quote any lyrics from it, all I can say about this track
    > is that it
    > was sampled for the track 'Heat' by Common on his album 'Like Water for
    > Chocolate'. Here's a clip of the track:
    > (track 2).
    > I'd be really grateful if someone could listen to the clip and ID
    > the track
    > for me, I really want to try and get hold of it. I know you're all experts
    > at this. ;-)
    > Thanks
    > Carl

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