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From: adario (
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 02:04:20 CET

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    > out. in other not so great news, WNYU is going to be stopping
    > it's live internet broadcasts starting April 5th because of
    > the recent copyright legislation going through congress. it
    > definitely sucks... and I'm not really sure what'll happen
    > with the BiS archives, but if you want to help out, check out
    > (the live internet broadacsts
    > might resume on May 21st if the Copyright Office changes in
    > favor of internet radio)

    It's f*kin obscene to think that sites like
    Beats in Space would be criminalized under
    this legislation. Does anybody on this list
    understand the repercussions? I've done some
    research and I'm speculating that BiS would
    qualify under Fair Use but since when have
    politicians embraced digital technology or
    cared about Fair Use? Anyway, I'm addicted to
    Audiogalaxy which will probably go belly up
    (or be priced out of existence) if this passes.

    a dario

    some reference:
    Web Radio's Last Stand
    Interview with Rusty Hodge, the program director and general manager of

    Electronic Frontier Foundation ACTION ALERT
    ALERT: Congress Calls For Public Participation on Digital Music Issues

    EFF "Intellectual Property - Security Systems Standards and Certification
    Act (SSSCA)" Archive

    SSSCA Introduced in Senate

    The text of Senator Hollings' comments

    Bleak future looms if you don't take a stand

    And You Thought the DMCA was Nasty..SSSCA is even worse

    The Impending Death of Internet Radio

    This is a stretch from copyright to patent but I just love this quote by
    Richard Stallman (and think about what a true DJ does):
    "Imagine if the European governments of the 17th century had built a musical
    patent office. Now imagine it's 1800 and you're Beethoven: you want to write
    a symphony and make it legal. Well, you'll find it impossible, and when you
    complain, the patent holders will say: 'Oh Beethoven you're just bitching
    because you've got no ideas of your own.'",,s2107497,00.html

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