london folk - a request

Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 17:14:06 CET

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    First of all, was wondering about any killer nights in London Wed, Thurs and Friday April 30 - May 2. Just heard about a Fluid Oz. records party on the 4th (may have to take the train back from bristol (essential fest.. any inside info on after-sets??) to catch that one)...

    But my real query is this. i've won an online competition from the club that is Cargo in London for a copy of the new Wagon Cookin LP, as well as 2 free entries into said club Monday, April 1. problem is, they want me there on monday to pick em up and i live in Chicago. So, I thought i'd give this a go. Anyone want to scoop the LP for me, get in Cargo for free and send me the LP?? Of course, you'd be allowed full dubbing/burning rights to this advance copy of what should be a smokin album. I'd send the shipping costs back to you. OR, perhaps we could work out a meeting and hand delivery... as I'll be in Londontown around April 30-May 7 (for the essential fest in bristol).
    Write me if interested.

    Cheers, Matt

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