DO you know me? EMERGENCY, Please Help?!? (fwd)

From: Jason Sugars (
Date: Sat Mar 30 2002 - 04:06:31 CET

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    Hello to you - and you and you,

    If you get this E-mail and you don't know me, please disregard with my
    This is a general e-mail. I need everyone's help.
    Please and Please and Thank You Twice!
    Please respond to mailto:JASON@INDEPTHPERCEPTION.COM

    My Palm Pilot broke down and I have NO CONTACT INFORMATION for any one!
    Please, please, please take the time to send your information to my business
    e-mail address.
    I would say to just hit REPLY, but that won't work.  Hotmail sucks and
    I might never get the information I need or it might be too much and they'll
    just shut down my account again.
    For the record, my Business E-Mail Address is

    I need:
    Full Name - Company Name - Full Snail Mail Address - Phone, Fax & Cell
    Numbers - Venue(s) and Night(s) of the week that you work (if you're a
    promoter) and any other info you may deem relevent. Thanks so much and
    please get back to me soon!
    I have tours coming up and I have to be able to get in touch!

    Sorry for any bother,</P>
    Jason Sugars - CDR/w</P>

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