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From: Jeffrey Andrew Caddick (
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 03:55:04 CEST

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    Hello Everybody!!

    Hope all is well...

    Here's what in my CD Players this Holiday weekend:

    (1) Abstract Latin Lounge- A Nightgrooves Compilation
    (2) Akwaaba- Too Shiny
    (3) This Is Acid Jazz: Original Raw Soul
    (4) The Creation- Our Music is Red- With Purple Flashes
    (5) The Differents- This Year's Model
    (6) Funky Green Dogs- Get Fired Up
    (7) Funky Precedent- Various Artists
    (8) Remy Shand- The Way I feel
    (9) Rockstar (AKA E-Roc)- Audio/Visual
    (10) Sonik Boom of Love- A Love Supreme
    (11) The Vamps- Angle Not Distance
    (12) Yahzarah- Hear Me

    What's in yours??

    Shout back.



    Keep the Faith.


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