Re: [acid-jazz] track ID

From: Jason Jasberto Batog (
Date: 2003-04-21 06:31:26

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    on 4/20/03 8:12 PM, Argo at wrote:

    > hey there... can anyone ID a (new?) Ron Trent track that uses the Roy
    > Ayres "Love will find a way" bassline for me? thanx

    I'm not positive that this is it but there is a track called "The Session"
    by Tribute (an alias) that utilises the rhythm of "Running Away" by Roy
    Ayers. It's on Ron and Richards Brooks' new imprint based out of Toronto
    Canada called Jazz Flight Unlimited. Their website should be soon.

    I think Juno has this twelve-inch on their website.

    All the best,