[acid-jazz] Nina Simone

From: icehouse_at_redshift.com
Date: 2003-04-21 22:28:30

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    ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) I just read that Nina Simone passed awayin France at the age of 70 and to say that I am bummed
    is to put it extremely mildly! This woman was a real original and so very talented and just
    knowing that she has crossed the Great Divide leaves a hole in my soul. I loved so much about
    Nina Simone that it is hard to know where to begin in terms of saying some things about her,
    her piano playing grabbed me, it was gutsy and oh so rhythmic and it employed elements of
    music ranging from stride piano all the way through to sounds that were prescient in their
    innovative execution, listen to "The Postman", and then there was her voice, that husky low-
    pitched jewel of an instrument that she used to embroider the music she played in an
    inimitable way, yes, I have loved the music of so many different singers but few of them meant
    as much to me as Nina Simone, I have been listening to a compilation on Verve since I read the
    news of Nina's passing and there was so much to love for any music-head, just listen to her
    version of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" I could go on and on and I will inside of myself
    and in my heart! Nina Simone lives on in my soul, R.I.P. Nina!