[acid-jazz] Hangouts, clubs, record shops in Manchester?

From: Addi Hou (adease1_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 2003-04-23 19:53:40

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    Hi all,

    seeing Johan's e-mail about Athens, reminded me that I will be spending one day and one night in Manchester, UK on May 25th en route to A.the Lake District  B.Yorkshire  and finally C.a wedding in Scotland.  So I will be asking the same thing for the city of Manchester (which I have never been to).  Any suggestions for cool spots, clubs, pubs, record shops, restaurants, places to stay, clothing shops?  Keep in mind it will be a Sunday and I will arrive there at 5am and leave the following day.  The following day is a bank holiday. Po Na Na looks cool on Sunday night. A mix of soul, funk, jazz, etc.  Anything else?  WW style record shops are essential. There must be some in Manchester...

    ad ease 

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