Re: [acid-jazz] Koop live radio session

From: Christopher Grass (
Date: 2003-04-26 08:36:39

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    OK...I finally got around to watching/listening to this, so I figured I'd
    pipe in with my opinion. I thought it was pretty damn good...sure, it
    wasn't perfect, but Yukimi is definitely singing in key, no question about
    that. The vocal "scoop" she uses is definitely an acquired taste, and does
    take some getting used to. Keely Smith did this in the early days,
    too...I've got some old live recordings of her using it. Bjork also used to
    do this quite a bit, back when she was in the Sugarcubes, and even nowadays
    (and I'm not talking about the studio recordings, I'm solely referring to
    live work). Some will say it's inexperience; others will claim it's a style
    thing. I'm of the notion that it's a bit of both. It's kind of like a
    trombone player using a glissando to get to each note (I use that reference
    because I am one, hehe). It always sounds a bit off at first, but hell,
    it's's not supposed to be perfect. Give her some time...what will
    happen is most likely one of two things: Since she is a new singer, after
    some time she will eventually drop the "scoop"...or she'll keep using it,
    but you will notice that it will be faster and less pronounced. In any case
    it will probably be a gradual thing. Just remember...she IS a new
    singer...not many people are born with performers' chops, you know?

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