[acid-jazz] RE: [downtempo] shoutcast

From: Citrona Recordings (info_at_citrona.net)
Date: 2003-04-26 17:55:33

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    Hey guys, I had so much fun with this last night.....like 3 hours went
    by in no time. It's raining today thought I'd give it another go and
    test the bandwidth a bit since Greg is downloading stuff all day...In
    that case not sure about the buffering but if anyone is interested tune
    in. I'll be playing some stiff off the "Jazzanova Remixed" as well as a
    few unreleased tunes, new Citrona release, unreleased Thunderball
    material and as well as some old favs. (not I'm playing these off my PC
    so there's no actually mixing) However, Greg and I have an idea for
    something at a later date. ;)

    Anyway, I'll be in IRC on and off or email me if there are buffering
    #citrona on EFnet (sqeaky) no "u"


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    Hey if anyone is around tonight I just started playing some tunes right
    And hanging on IRC in #dubstudio or #citrona

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