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From: Velanche Stewart (mail_at_urbanlandscapesshow.com)
Date: 2003-07-01 08:27:16

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    If you miss the live show, you can hear it anytime via the Urban
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    Part Two of the Halfway Rewind Special, focusing on many of my most
    recommeded singles & EPs from 2003 so far,  has come and gone. You can
    check out the show, along with the playlist. Details are below.
    It looks very likely that I will remain here in town for the 4th of July
    weekend, so expect some quality music this coming Friday. Plenty of new
    goods are in wait, and I look forward to sharing the music with you.
    July 11 will be the special broadcast on one of the most creative spots
    on the map. Gothenburg, Sweden isn't just one of the major ports of the
    country; it's also home to a group of young and talented musicians who
    often collaborate with one another to create musical works that have
    been admired by music lovers from around the world for the last several
    years. Swell Sessions, Ernesto, Quant, Jol, Plej, Hird...they're all
    from there. There are others in the fold, as well. The show will feature
      music, interviews, and more on Gonkyburg.
    July 18 will feature a profile of Omoa Music recording artist Ayro.
    Delayed from a previously-scheduled date, you'll get to listen to the
    music and the words of this rising talent. His debut album will drop
    soon. Also on the show, I'll bring you an exclusive Urban Landscapes
    Guest Mix from Mimi Terris. As one-third of the female vocal trio
    B.L.E.S.S. (BLue Eyed Soul Sisters) and a talented individual in her own
    rights, she's cooked up her own influences that moves her soul. Be sure
    to catch it.
    On July 25, the Urban Landscapes Guest Mix will come from Ben Mono.
    The debut long-player from Ben Mono, "Dual," is an album that I'm really
    feeling at the moment. I think it's the best album that Compost has put
    out this year,and I urge you to explore it when it drops soon. To
    coincide with its impending release, Ben's mix will air that evening.
    August 1 finds the Urban Landscapes Guest Mix from Curl Curl--he of the
    radio show that bears its name. he may be a surfer dude, but he also is
    very much a selector...as you'll find out. More details soon on Curl Curl.
    Time to put our music to the test on the dancefloor once again, as we
    have not one--but four dance events over the summer. All of the events
    will be at zPie in San Luis Obispo.
    Soul Invasion returns on Thursday July 19. This is our event featuring
    rare grooves, rare soul, and funky vibes.
    DJs on the decks:
    Malik Miko (KCBX's "Night Train," Boo Boo Records)
    DJ Calyx (KCPR's "WEFUNK")
    Velanche (KCPR'S "Urban Landscapes")
    On Saturday July 26, Eclectic Grooves will take place once again. Once
    again, a variety of "movin' & groovin'" sounds will be the order of the
    evening, including dub, downtempo, funk, house, broken beat, and other
    hi-steppin' sounds.
    DJs for the evening:
    Velanche (KCPR's "Urban Landscapes")
    DJ Calyx (KCPR's "WEFUNK")
    Jennifer (KCPR's "Global Grooves")
    Both events are 18+, cover-free, and will be at zPie in downtown San
    Luis Obispo. Food & drinks will be available. Details on start times
    coming soon. Also, details soon on our August dates.
    Come out and show your love for quality dance music from around the
    world, and support such music in SLO County.
    SHOW ARCHIVE HIGHLIGHTS (listen with the RealPlayer 8 & higher)
    The Halfway Rewind Special Part One: The Albums
    The Halfway Rewind Special Part Two: The Singles/EPs
    Keep in mind that not all of the recommended albums & singles were able
    to get squeezed in during the limited time that I have. During the
    year-end rewind, I will have a more comprehensive list of recommended
    music for the year--whether or not I'm able to play said music during
    airtime. So there you have it.
    -Joseph Malik--Remixed 2 EP 12" (Compost/Germany)
    -Clyde featuring Capitol A--Serve It Up 12"(Mantis white)
    -Amp Fiddler--Love & War EP (Genuine/UK)
    -Various Artists--Moving Forward EP (Switchstance/Germany)
    -The First Floor Brothers--Fashionably Late/Signal 106 12" (Citrona)
    -The Rebirth--This Journey In 12" (Kajmere)
    -Daniel Magg--O-Bah/Set For Seizure Remixes 12" (Compost/Germany)
    -Stateless--The Art of No State (Ubiquity)
    -Pest--Necessary Measures (Ninja Tune)
    -Kaidi & Dego--Got Me Puzzled 12" (2020 Black/UK)
    -Red Astaire--Follow Me/The Wildstyle 12" (GAMM/Sweden)
    -P'Taah--The Oldest Story--Swag Vocal Mix (Ubiquity CD-R)
    -Kaskade--It's You, It's Me Remixes 12" (Om white)
    -Madlib--Shades of Blue EP 12" (Blue Note)
    -Micatone--Is You Is (Sonar Kollektiv)
    -Rednose Distrikt--Gotta Make A Move 12" (Kindred Spirits/The Netherlands)
    -Rima--This World Remixes 12" (Compost/Germany)
    -I:Cube--Vacuum Jackers EP (Versatile/France)
    -Fertile Ground--Remixes (Counterpoint CD-R/UK)
    -Mitchell & Dewbury--Rapping With The Gods (Mumo/UK)
    -Various Artists--Ecosystem: The Brazilian Joint (Unity/Liquid Sky)
    -J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science--Try Me 12" (Om)
    **July Soundscapes Next Week**
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    for over five years, as the movement continues to expand its influence.
    Please feel free to send promos/musical submissions (vinyl is
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