Re: [acid-jazz] Virus on Spacek's Vintage Hi-Tech CD

From: Mark Allerton (
Date: 2003-07-01 22:58:40

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    I should mention that I had no trouble at all ripping both the Spacek
    and Dwele CDs using iTunes on a Mac Powerbook (with a SuperDrive, which
    may make a difference.) You see the stupid "player" volume appear, but
    the audio volume and tracks also appear just fine. I wish the labels
    would just give up on this crap. It annoys the hell out of me that the
    labels are trying to get away with deliberately out-of-redbook-spec (or
    to put it more bluntly - corrupt) discs to the public. I would get
    upset and return the things to the shop, but luckily for me these
    pathetic schemes just don't work at all.


    On Wednesday, June 25, 2003, at 02:11 AM, Olaf Molenveld wrote:

    > recently several CD's i purchased contain a new copy-protection
    > mechanism
    > which seems quiet addequate for "regular" works rather
    > good... of course it's rather easy to work around with a decent ripper
    > like
    > CDex or something like that...i also noticed that some cd-players (both
    > older hardware ones, and cd-rom players) can get confused by this
    > protection
    > and start trying to access the tracks like crazy, which takes up a
    > lot of
    > CPU, which can make your computer seem to hang...... i am not aware of
    > any
    > virusses inside music-files or connected to protected CD's...
    > Olaf
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    > Subject: Re: [acid-jazz] Virus on Spacek's Vintage Hi-Tech CD
    > Interesting. I had a similar experience recently with P'taah's
    > "Staring At
    > The Sun" cd. I popped it into my computer and the machine froze up.
    > Ended up
    > having to scramble to get my data back and had to get a new hard disk.
    > Could be coincidence... i.e., my hard drive went out at the precise
    > moment
    > Chris Brann went in. But, it got me wondering. LA Times had a recent
    > article
    > about how the record companies could fight piracy, using such
    > techniques as
    > embedding worms in files shared on Kazaa, Soulseek and the like. One
    > of the
    > execs said, "Some of the things we can do could be quite nasty."
    > Harry Shearer of NPR reported that the new Celine Dion CD, when
    > placed in
    > an Imac, disables the computer to such a point that the only way to
    > get the
    > disc out and the computer up and running again is to take it in for
    > service.
    > Looks like the war between record companies and consumers may swing
    > into
    > high gear.... and we all know war is (usually) not the answer.
    > (PS... overheard... quote from very famous singing star with long
    > string
    > of hits in '70's and '80's.... "Records and CD's are done. It's over.
    > Dead.
    > Forget the labels. I'm making a big band CD."