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From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2003-07-02 23:49:33

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    Jon Freer’s Reviews. 2nd July 2003.

    Thanks to Steve at Timewarp & Jake at Counterpoint for these...

    Spaceboys – Sonic Fiction (Nylon Discographics)
    Cat No: NYLONCD 007. Available Now.
    Without doubt, Portuguese group the Spaceboys have some good ideas in terms of music production. However, the problem is that their sounds don’t always gel correctly together. The choice cut by far is Swag’s ‘Full Moon Dub’ of “Moonshine”, with its fattened percussion, malleable afrobeat inspired guitar, following roughened bass and fluid keys. “I’m With The Underground” uses estranged nervous keys, stumbling percussion and a growling as a backdrop for a vocalist to complain about their geographical location. “Driva’ man” rips a bluesy narrative vocal, which is threaded in between entrancing gorgeous keys, undercover low-down synths, smoky brass and live bass rumblings. The are some sublime moments on this album, and a few top quality tracks, but overall, “Sonic Fiction” leaves you with the feeling that the Spaceboys on a different planet to the rest of us.

    Fertile Ground – Remixes No. 4 (Counterpoint)
    Cat No: CRS 018. Release Date: 7th July 2003.
    As the release of a CD worth of mixes of the inspiring Baltimore collective draws near, the final 12” of re-rubs sees the light of day. Seiji roughens up the empowering group, giving them a West London rub-down, while Ayro rehauls them in a fractured avant garde jazz manner! Seiji’s vocal takes uncompromising breaks, a spiteful bass, key slides and an unruly synth, as those vocals capture “The Moment”. Ayro opts for a more abstract rejig, courtesy of slow-move percussion, an uncontrollable synth, jazzied carried away ‘Detroit Experiment’ keys and life giving brass.

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