[acid-jazz] NightFlight Special 90min 4th of July Cafe Del Mar Show

From: David Luckin (David_Luckin_at_WJCT.pbs.org)
Date: 2003-07-03 18:32:08

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    NightFlight playlist for Saturday July 5th with music from Cafe Del Mar vol 10 and two tracks from volume 8 to fill out this
    special 90 minute program.
    Saturday 10pm and now live online at wjct.org!!


    >Relaxed Sound for the Sun-Hungry
    >On Saturday, July 5 at 10 pm, 89.9 FM will present the tenth and final volume in the Cafe Del Mar series, the groundbreaking
    >chillout from the famed nightclub on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza. The 15-track CD, which has not yet been released
    >in the U.S., will premiere on NightFlight, the special one-hour and a half program airs at 10pm on 89.9 WJCT Public radio and
    >live online at wjct.org

    >Editorial Reviews
    >Album Details
    >The Popular Chillout Series Concludes with this Tenth Volume of the Best Sunset Celebration Music Ever. After Ten Years, the
    >Chillout Vibes have Now Become Part of the Mainstream of Dance Music and Integrated Into Popular Culture for Thousands of
    >People around the World in No Small Part from this Groundbreaking Series. The Cafe Del Mar Organization Has Pioneered the
    >Chillout Compilation Concept and Caps this Series with Yet Another Outstanding Selection of Music by In-house DJ Bruno. He
    >Takes Us on One Final Journey that Mesmerizes and Satisfies the Senses Once More Like No Other Can. Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy!
    >it Would Be a Mistake to Think the Music is Finished, as There Will Be Other Concepts Perpetuated and Individual Artists
    >Promoted, but Relish this Final Volume of What Has Surely Made a Big Difference in Many People's Lives. This Special
    >Collection Comes in a Deluxe Digipak (Without a Magnet).


    Theme: Cafe Del Mar

    Artist/Song/Album Title/Year of Release

    1) SUBSTRUCTURE - Firewire (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    2) REMOTE - Postcard (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    3) FUTURE LOOP FOUNDATION - My Movie Is Like Life (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    4) LOVERS LANE -Face Of Beauty (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    5) DAB - The Blues (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    6) RUE DU SOLEIL - In My Heart (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    7) KINEMA - Katia (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    8) RHIAN SHEEHAN - Garden Children (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    9) TERRA DEL SOL - Sea Goddess (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    10) OHMG & Bruno - On Your Skin (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    11) NACHO SOTOMAYOR - Remember You (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    12) VARGO - The Moment (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    13) VPEY - Without You (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

    14) BLANK & JONES feat. Ann Clark- The Hardest Heart (Cafe Del Mar vol 10/2003)

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