Re: [acid-jazz] Video :: bird - tour 2003 ~alcohol~ Vol. 1 !!!

From: Christopher Grass (
Date: 2003-07-06 03:27:52

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    Awesome...I am a Bird FREAK...I have all three of her albums, in addition to
    the stuff she did with Mondo Grosso. I just wish she sang some tunes in
    English, hehe.

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    >Subject: [acid-jazz] Video :: bird - tour 2003 ~alcohol~ Vol. 1 !!!
    >Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2003 16:08:21 -0700
    > Video :: bird - tour 2003 ~alcohol~ Vol. 1 !!!
    >ahhhh! exciting!! Sony Japan's Morrich website has something really
    >special up on bird--one of the premier names in the whole song based nu
    >jazz+soul+electronic grooves style of artists along with Orange Pekoe,
    >Mondo Grosso, Beady Belle, Koop.
    >it's a really high quality video stream (probably at least 500K, maybe up
    >to several megs; big enough for full screen); there's also a low quality
    >version for those with modems. it's a very long video (16 minutes). it
    >starts off with footage of bird with a couple friends in a living room
    >sampling various kinds of Japanese liquor and giving their reviews. they
    >end up liking most of them except two. in between this "alcohol review
    >session" they also play some clips of bird's music videos: Souls, Beats,
    >Sora no Hitomi...
    >to watch the high quality version: go to bird's website (link below). there
    >will be a pop-up window. scroll down that window and click on the logo
    >graphic that says "Morrich" and it will start up the video in a new window
    >for you.
    >to watch the low quality version:
    >since this is the "Vol.1" footage, there may be more additions to this
    >soon, especially as she commences her Summer Tour this month.
    >The Eclectic Sounds of Japan
    >[Sound :: Lounge]

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