Re: [acid-jazz] In My CD Changer

From: Nicolai H. (
Date: 2003-07-06 14:11:57

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    Just returned from the Roskilde Festival... awful for jazz and electronic
    music but enjoyable nonetheless...
    the soundtrack to me recovering and cathing up on sleep after 20-hour
    workdays :

    Traffic soundtrack (how come I've only discovered this now, its atmospheric
    bliss, the best! -along with the Ry Cooder instrumental intro on the "End of
    Violence" soundtrack).

    Madlib : Shades of blue (especially Stepping into tomorrow, summer ghetto the track playing when Hubert skins up at home in Mathieu
    Kassovitz's "La Haine").

    Metro Area album (one of the great things of the Roskilde Festival, amazing

    Matthew Herbert Big Band : Goodbye swingtime (grows on me..)

    Jaguar Wright album (THE best gig of Roskilde... but Metallica were awesome
    as well...and Bill Laswell was cool)

    Cinematic Orchestra : Man with a movie camera DVD

    Max Sedgley : Two way (b-side on the Happy 12" and a broken funky stormer!)
    The Soul Creatures : Run out of time -Funky Lowlives rmx
    Agent K : Rideaway getaway -Blaze rmx

    The Cure : Trilogy DVD (integral live of the
    Pornography/Disintegration/Bloodflowers records -beauty!)

    and lotsa Family Guy episodes!!!

    London is grey, what happened to summer?

    Y'all stand tall...


    >From: "Jeffrey Andrew Caddick" <>
    >Subject: [acid-jazz] In My CD Changer
    >Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 13:32:09 -0700
    >Hello Everybody!!
    >Hope all is well.
    >Here's what's spinning in my CD player for this LONG Holiday
    >The Brand New Heavies- Trunk Funk
    >Detroit Experiment- Same
    >Kerri Chandler- Trionisphere
    >El Gran Silencio- Super Riddim Internacional 1
    >Fertile Ground- Remixed
    >Gilberto Gil- Expresso 2222
    >Bebel Gilberto- Tanto Tempo
    >Roy Haynes- Love Letters
    >Mighty Sam McClain- One More Bridge To Cross
    >Marlon Saunders- Enter My Mind
    >James Taylor Quartet- The Oscillator
    >Paul Weller- Live in Boston 2/03 Bootleg
    >What's in yours??
    >Shout back.
    >Keep the Faith.
    >Check out the "Chico Hamilton- Still THE Man" flash e-card
    >at !!
    >Look for the NEW releases on Koch Jazz from Chico Hamilton
    >"Thoughts Of..." feat. Guest Appearances from Joe Beck, Larry
    >Coryell and Rodney Jones, and on Soulfeast from Groove Master
    >Vol. 1- "Soulfeast Presents the Chico Hamilton Remix Project"
    >feat. remixes from Soulfeast (Joe Claussell & Brian Bacchus),
    >MKL vs. Soy Sos, DJ Smash and Still Phil!!
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