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Date: 2003-07-06 19:56:22

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    Catch these a la page parties with New Yorkese artists with fat tortoise glasses, fat Korean americans with leopard sexy clothes and the whole lot of pures....for the 4th of july
    ........................ i living
    Sure love to all the listees,here is what's spinning down in Milanese loungecores joints :
    Mithcell and Dewbury - Rapping with the Goods
    Fertile Ground remixed
    Too darn hot - a Collection of Adidas(German shoe maker) commercials
    Tullio de Piscopo- Ritmo Tribale (check dis aut)
    Reel People - (can't remember the title)
    VVAA-Soul sessions 2(Giant Step massive compilation love that specially the Nicodemus and Osiris re-edit of Sade original "why can't we live together" again quoted on memory)
    King Britt - adventures in Lo fi( quote "i was there in the corner smoking refers and that is why nobody would give my opinion credibility".....growing a track at a time...)
    VVAA-Psychedelic Smoking Tunes(Universal Jazz Germany) contains GAbor Tzabo,Frank Popp,Jimmy Smith....
    Cinematic Orchestra - Man with a movie camera DVD
    Cheers from Sunny Milan
    Zerogravitytribe 2003

    Stimp <> wrote:
    Hey hey, long time I haven't posted. Glad to see that there's still some
    great activity happening on the list. Here's my list for the weekend

    -OST A Clockwork Orange
    -Kyuss: Kyuss
    -Kyuss: ...And The Circus Leaves Town
    -Cujo: Adventures In Foam
    -Godflesh: Selfless
    -Tom Waits: Foreign Affairs
    -Cinematic Orchestra: Man With A Movie Camera DVD (this is beyond
    -Therapy?: High Anxiety
    -Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell
    -Kraftwerk: The Mix
    -The Doors: Soft Parade
    -The Velvet Underground: Loaded
    -Melvins: Houdini
    -Sonic Youth with Yamatsuka Eye: Ecstatic Peace!
    -Various: I'm A Good Woman Vol.3
    -Leon Redbone: On The Track
    -Charles Mingus: Mingus Dynasty
    -Manu Chao: Proxima Estacion...Esperanza
    -Amon Tobin: Verbal Remixes & Collaborations
    -9 Lazy 9: Sweet Jones (This is their latest album, on Ninja Tune. Really
    amazing stuff.)
    -OST Forbidden Planet

    Happy ears this weekend,

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    From: "Nicolai H."
    Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2003 8:11 AM
    Subject: Re: [acid-jazz] In My CD Changer

    > Just returned from the Roskilde Festival... awful for jazz and electronic
    > music but enjoyable nonetheless...
    > the soundtrack to me recovering and cathing up on sleep after 20-hour
    > workdays :
    > Traffic soundtrack (how come I've only discovered this now, its
    > bliss, the best! -along with the Ry Cooder instrumental intro on the "End
    > Violence" soundtrack).
    > Madlib : Shades of blue (especially Stepping into tomorrow, summer ghetto
    > the track playing when Hubert skins up at home in Mathieu
    > Kassovitz's "La Haine").
    > Metro Area album (one of the great things of the Roskilde Festival,
    > set).
    > Matthew Herbert Big Band : Goodbye swingtime (grows on me..)
    > Jaguar Wright album (THE best gig of Roskilde... but Metallica were
    > as well...and Bill Laswell was cool)
    > Cinematic Orchestra : Man with a movie camera DVD
    > Max Sedgley : Two way (b-side on the Happy 12" and a broken funky
    > The Soul Creatures : Run out of time -Funky Lowlives rmx
    > Agent K : Rideaway getaway -Blaze rmx
    > The Cure : Trilogy DVD (integral live of the
    > Pornography/Disintegration/Bloodflowers records -beauty!)
    > and lotsa Family Guy episodes!!!
    > London is grey, what happened to summer?
    > Y'all stand tall...
    > -Gretzky
    > >From: "Jeffrey Andrew Caddick"
    > >
    > >Subject: [acid-jazz] In My CD Changer
    > >Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 13:32:09 -0700
    > >
    > >Hello Everybody!!
    > >
    > >Hope all is well.
    > >
    > >Here's what's spinning in my CD player for this LONG Holiday
    > >weekend:
    > >
    > >The Brand New Heavies- Trunk Funk
    > >Detroit Experiment- Same
    > >Kerri Chandler- Trionisphere
    > >El Gran Silencio- Super Riddim Internacional 1
    > >Fertile Ground- Remixed
    > >Gilberto Gil- Expresso 2222
    > >Bebel Gilberto- Tanto Tempo
    > >Roy Haynes- Love Letters
    > >Mighty Sam McClain- One More Bridge To Cross
    > >Marlon Saunders- Enter My Mind
    > >James Taylor Quartet- The Oscillator
    > >Paul Weller- Live in Boston 2/03 Bootleg
    > >
    > >What's in yours??
    > >
    > >Shout back.
    > >
    > >Thanks.
    > >
    > >Peace.
    > >
    > >Keep the Faith.
    > >
    > >Jeffrey
    > >
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