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From: Paul Kivikink (
Date: 2003-07-08 18:52:36

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    i managed to catch gotan playing with cinematic orchestra this past weekend
    in montreal. i completely agree with you - gotan floored me. once the
    cinematic orchestra took to the stage, i was almost hoping they would get
    off so that gotan project could do a 2nd set. :) cinematic was excellent as
    usual also, although they're show the following evening in ottawa was a bit


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    > ok people,
    > i've been to quite a few shows in the last month and
    > last night's has got to be the best so far. gotan
    > project at the henry fonda theater was the place to
    > be. i couldn't believe that the place was packed on a
    > monday night in LA - apparently thanks to KCRW's
    > promotion and the success of their album. i was
    > impressed! honestly, i had no idea what to expect.
    > i've had the album forever and just never expected to
    > see a live show from it. but i was pleasantly
    > surprised and completely blown away by the whole
    > performance. i don't want to give anything away (i
    > think the fact that i had no idea what i was getting
    > into, made it that much better of an experience), but
    > lets just say the visuals, the lights, and the sheer
    > confidence of the musicians made it a truly original
    > and wonderful show. and i have to give big props to
    > LA - the crowd went mad and brought them back for 2
    > long encores.
    > don't miss out if they come to your town.
    > -megan
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