[acid-jazz] The First Floor Brothers EP back in stock

From: christina_at_citrona
Date: 2003-07-09 17:41:34

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    Just a quick note to let folks know the First Floor Brothers EP was
    repressed and is back in stock.
    A Groove Distribution exclusive. www.groovedis.com
    The First Floor Brothers EP

    A1. Fashionably Late / <http://www.citrona.net/mp3/fl.tball.remix1.mp3>
    Thunderball remix
    A2. Fashionably Late / <http://www.citrona.net/mp3/ffb-fl.clip.mp3>
    Original mix
    B1. Signal 106 / <http://www.citrona.net/mp3/ffb-106-gregremix.mp3>
    Greg Long remix
    B2. Signal 106 / <http://www.citrona.net/mp3/ffb-signal106clip.mp3>
    Original mix
    Sound Clips for Monta "Message"
     at: www.citrona.net <http://www.citrona.net/>
    Set for release: Aug-Sept. 2003
    Christina M. Long
    Citrona Recordings
    2024 Highland Street
    Amelia Island, Florida 32034
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