[acid-jazz] Beta-Lounge?

From: Paul Berger (paulberger65_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 2003-07-10 07:17:52

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    Hi All,

    I just checked into the Betalounge after a long
    absence. Apparently, the last show was on 5-31-03. Are
    they taking a break, indef hiatus, or on the way
    out(please no)? Thanx in advance.

    Take Care-----Paul Berger---

    PS - RIP Barry White, a true soul brother if there
    ever was one. I hope Luther can rebound, so we don't
    have another tragic loss. Bob Davis is right; let's
    give props to the real heroes while they're here. Life
    is short. Realized that this week when I literally was
    staring up into the eye of a forming tornado here in
    Illinois. No shit. More adrenaline in my veins than on
    9/11/01, and that one was hardcore as it gets. Puts
    everything else in perspective.

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