[acid-jazz] nyc - mr scruff, gotan project & mark farina

From: Sandmannw_at_aol.com
Date: 2003-07-14 19:24:35

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            hey kids, i hope everyone is enjoying their summer and dancing as
    much as possible. i just wanted to share some recent experiences with you guys
    just in case one if the acts are in your area.
             i saw mr scruff at the bowery ballroom 7/3 and it was amazing. he
    played some amazing stuff, jumping from hip hop, to latin, to rare groove, to
    dub, to broken beat, to house and his own material. his mixing made it all
    flow together and kept your head knodding, while his weird ass visuals made you
    laugh and wonder what he was on. the most interesting thing about his show
    was the ladies. usually dj shows mean sausage party, but there were oodles of
    women to dance with. he is definitely worth checking out if he is in your
              i ditched a really good sports massage class to see gotan project
    on 7/10 at central park summer stage. it was amazing. they dj'ed at
    nickodemus & mariano's cinco de mayo party last year and they played the weirdest set
    i've ever heard. there was nothing weird about the live show, it was
    beautiful. they did a great job reinterpreting the album. a few of us went nuts when
    they started to play pepe bradock's deep burnt with one of their songs. they
    only thing that sucked was the venue. the sound system at summer stage is
    lacking and they wouldn't let the band play an encore, but i guess you can't
    complain too much about a free show.
    definitely worth checking out.
              friday night, 7/11, i saw mark farina at centrofly. i haven't seen
    him play in quite a few years and was really amped about seeing him. i was
    so disappointed. i'm not sure if he adapted to his surrounding or switched his
    style, but his set was very hard. every once and a while he would play a
    track and you think it was going to be the catalyst and it wasn't, it just
    stayed pretty hard and boring. he did manage to pull it together with his last
    four songs, but it was too little, too late. poor track selection and really,
    really bad lighting was the last thing i expected.
          well that's about it. be safe and be well
           love & peace