[acid-jazz] hailing from Istanbul

From: Mehmet Koryurek (koryurek_at_superonline.com)
Date: 2003-07-15 22:20:22

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    hello list,

    sorry for posting this but there is new radio station in Istanbul, Turkey
    launching in August/September 2003. my friends own the station and asked me
    if i could post this to the list:) if you are at all interested you can
    either contact me or my firend directly at the email addy below.

    mr. pink

    Dear Friends/Teachers/Musical Soulmates,

    Greetings from Istanbul.

    This is to let you know that we will be launching a brand new radio station
    namely DINAMO 103.8 FM in Istanbul during August. This radio station will
    solely dedicate itself to broadcast electronic/dance music for 24 exciting
    hours everyday.

    As you may already know Istanbul is going through the most musically
    prolific times of its recent history. With a vast and ever growing number of
    talented producers/dj's and it unique independent sound, the city is at the
    verge of becoming one of the most important centers for electronic music and
    lifestyle. Please take note that Turkey is a very young nation the median
    age being only 24.

    We are looking for currently available radio shows, dj mixes, promotional cd
    's or vinyl that we could possibly syndicate out here.

    If you are interested in any form of co-operation please give us a shout at
    this e-mail address.


    Ali Sahinbas

    DINAMO 103.8