Re: [acid-jazz] about Plastiks magazine?

From: Peter Nicholson (
Date: 2003-07-16 05:46:09

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    not to be bitchy, but why dontcha just go on and buy one from Dirk?!
    enough already!

    Sakurai . wrote:

    > Re: Plastiks paper is also heavyweight, but not as
    > Re: heavy. It's also not as bright white. It's got a slightly darker
    > tint than
    > Re: some. I just looked through all my dance mags by my desk and all
    > of them
    > Re: (except for SNC) are glossy of one type or another.
    > Plastiks is in full color right? last question about the quality:
    > would you say the paper is better than that of Newsweek/People/Time
    > (they all have that thin paper).
    > i assume this is a monthly publication largely for Europe?
    > thanks again,
    > Sakurai
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