Re: [acid-jazz] please do and pass on

From: Erik Borälv (
Date: 2003-07-16 09:26:55

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    Frank Swart wrote:
    > The President took the nation to war based on his assertion that Iraq posed

    This is not the place for calls like this. Please use a more local forum.

    On rotation:

    Mondo Grosso - Next wave
    Quite a surprise - uptempo heavy beats all the way through the album.
    This is not really the MG I know from MG4 or previous work.
    I like this change a lot. To me this is Grosso's best album so far! The
    sound is more pop than before and there are plenty of guest vocals.
    Almost a bit like brit-pop at times...

    Trüby Trio - Elevator music
    Rainer and crew strikes again...
    It's a great mix of styles and genres - the result is this special
    fusion sound that only this trio is able to produce. Album of the summer?

    Fertile Ground - Remixed
    This band has become a personal favourite. It is absolutely neccessary
    to have at least one album by this group!
    I recommend starting with their 2002 album Seasons Change. That album
    makes it on my best-20-albums-ever list. This remix album is for us that
    need a new "fix" of Fertile Ground. The remixes are good but not worth
    starting out with. It doesn't stick out enough I guess?

    Erik Borälv,