[acid-jazz] Interviews+News :: Monday Michiru, Sandii, Karasawa Miho (Mihonova-Jazztronik)

From: Wesley (wesleyc_at_cox.net)
Date: 2003-07-23 01:08:19

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    Interviews+News :: Monday Michiru, Sandii, Karasawa Miho

    a few nice finds at Natural Beauty Basic's website. 3 interviews (in
    Japanese though) with Monday Michiru (6 question Q&A), Karasawa Miho
    (she collaborated on a mini album with Jazztronik called Mihonova), and
    Sandii (a music veteran who also collaborated with Jazztronik for a
    Hawaiin album last year).

    interviews are here:

    Miho's will be at the front, Monday Michiru is photo #5, and Sandii is
    photo #4.

    and an additional note related to NBB (Natural Beauty Basic) and Monday
    Michiru. NBB is releasing a compilation CD, as many
    lifestyle/furniture/clothing stores in Japan do, and it includes
    Monday's "How Deep is Your Love," from the Limited 1st Pressing of her
    'Chasing After the Sun' EP.

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