[acid-jazz] + What's Wrong with the Solid Steel Stream? +

From: Pedro Cevallos Jr (cevallos_at_bellsouth.net)
Date: 2003-07-25 16:22:36

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    I have been salivating over the playlists of the last three Solid Steel
    shows with no opportunity to hear them. For the last two weeks I keep
    trying to connect to their server with no luck, It's always the same
    error message concerning their server. What's up ninjas? Don't tease
    the masses with those playlists if we can't hear the shows themselves.
    Out of curiosity, do these shows take up a lot of room? I would be
    willing to put my money where my mouth is and rent some server space in
    order to mirror the shows. Just a thought.
    God bless summer break (the best part of being a teacher),
    Pedro Cevallos

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