Re: [acid-jazz] + What's Wrong with the Solid Steel Stream? +

From: Megatrip (
Date: 2003-07-25 20:45:57

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    this same question has been asked on the ninja tune forum and as Strictly
    Kev stated....

     " Re: solid steel

     strictly kev [22.07.03, 22:15:44]

    we have limited streams and alot of people trying to get on - the situation
    is being rectified and the latest show will be streamed independently soon
    and hopefully this will ease up the congestion "


    in other Solid Steel news..... if you want to download a .mp3 of the show,
    and have a ftp client program AND are willing to share the show with other
    people - you can email me for ftp details and I can hook you up with the
    latest show that I have (though it will be a slow download - but always
    worth it, when it comes to Solid Steel) .



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    > Pedro Cevallos Jr wrote:
    > > I have been salivating over the playlists of the last three Solid
    > > Steel shows with no opportunity to hear them. For the last two weeks I
    > > keep trying to connect to their server with no luck, Itís always the
    > > same error message concerning their server. Whatís up ninjas? Donít
    > > tease the masses with those playlists if we canít hear the shows
    > > themselves.
    > >
    > >
    > I almost always get error messages too - server at full capacity. I
    > guess too many people listening to the streams. But even when I finally
    > get through, my player almost always crashes out less than halfway
    > through the mix. What's up wit dat?
    > Damn teasers...
    > --
    > Marco Primo