Re: [acid-jazz] Yukimi Nagano Invents New Singing Style - KOOP in SF

From: torkel forsberg :meccca: (
Date: 2003-03-01 22:10:24

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    From: "David Bassin" <>
    > Mark,
    > I have to disagree with you here (slightly):
    > >Yukimi's vocal style was so affected and off-key that I had to leave
    > >the show was over. I simply couldn't take any more of her butchering the
    > >songs I loved so much on the CD!
    > She was (in my opinion) not off key, except on one song towards the
    > end of the set. She does have an "affected" style which I liked, but
    > grew a little tired of, since she used it in every song. The Billie
    > Holliday-ish style of singing a note, flattening it out, then
    > bringing it back to the correct pitch (see attached diagram
    > (---u----) gave it more of a 'jazzy' feel. However, they did mention
    > that she's never sung professionally before, so one can only hope
    > that she'll improve her technique in the future.

    Oh dude, she's just 20. Wait a couple more years and see.

    > >Besides that, the vibes player seemed to be the only band member with any
    > >jazz chops at all, making the instrumental numbers only marginally better
    > >than the songs featuring Yukimi's warbling. (The drummer's solos were
    > >atrocious!)
    > I disagree here too....I thought he was right on the money,
    > especially the little percussion solos he performed with his bare
    > hands. As a whole, the band isn't great - just good and the overall
    > experience was pleasant enough. These guys are heading in the right
    > direction, just give them some more time.
    > David