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Date: 2003-03-03 09:25:41

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    I received it some days ago along with some JCR and Sonar Kollektiv releases.

    An overall judgement of FSOJ 9 is more future than jazz.
    Their is clearly an emphasis on the electronic scene and as
    (it sadly) states in the pressrelease ; "it leaves behind the Nujazz stuff".

    Many of the tracks has a dark feeling to them with deep
    filtered layers of heavy beats and bass . Sometimes it
    gets too broken for my taste though :-)

    Their are three tracks (of 12 on CD) with a touch of Sweden,
    namely Season feat Ernesto, Stateless feat Bless and Hird feat
    Yukumi Nagano.

    Talking of the latter, she wrote the lyrics for the included
    track; "Keep you Kimi", which apparently was issued as
    an instrumental track on the Nordic Lounge compilation.

    It is hauntingly beatiful and though I agree with some of the
    posts in the current discussion, regarding the absense of technical
    maturity inYukumis singing, it is refreshing to come across
    a voice that has more personality than perfectionism to it.

    In the same vein is the track Anywhere Anyone by Dntel
    that is a very slow cut and click like excursion into land
    of minimalism. Topped off by Mia Doi Todds fragile
    vocals. Not dancefloor material but truly beautiful.

    On the more uplifting scale you will find Foremost Poets:
    Open season. Great lyrics and as stated; Open season
    sees Mr Dangerous open up his vocal chords to full
    house effect with an effectious groove, backing harmonies,
    trumpets and a spiritually uplifting track... "
    Could be my favourite track on this release.

    But as always with FSOJ there is a litle bit of
    everything to suit the eclectic tastes of people
    like us with an open attitude towards music :-)

    Other stuff that I am digging at the moment:

    Copenhagen - Rio Non stop. The cream
    of Danish music with a brazilian flavour.
    Uplifting, happy organic tracks that one
    just dont find in the crates these days.

    Playlist; 15 tracks from JCR.
    The Jazzanova crew treats us to both old school
    eastern european jazz and excursions into
    So filled with good stuff it is incredible .

    Micatone: Is you is on Sonarkollekiv.
    I first came across Lisa Bassenge īs vocal
    on the release Quiet Nights on Infracom.

    On the Cuban tip , after I finally saw
    Buena Vista social club, I dug into the CD
    collection and came up with :

    Cachaito ; Orlando Cachaito Lopez
    Ruben Gonzales; Chanchullo
    Ibrahim Ferrer ; Ferrer
    Omara Portuondo

    If you look past the hype and just listen,
    it is wonderful music displaying outstanding
    musicianship which is very refreshing.

    Kick Jazz , Cph

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