Re: Re(2): [acid-jazz] [acid jazz] Koop Tour in North America

From: matthew soul (
Date: 2003-03-03 19:31:53

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    check this:

    Hird feat Yukimi Nagano - 'Keep You Kimi' (DNM)

    also on the 'FSOJ 9' compilation on Compost.
    also on the 'Nording Lounge' thing David was talkin about.
    also on Alan Brown's proper 'Destination Out' compilation (instrumental
    version that is, so without Yukimi).

    Mattie S.

    >From: David Luckin <>
    >Subject: Re(2): [acid-jazz] [acid jazz] Koop Tour in North America
    >Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 12:26:55 -0500
    > writes:
    > >Does anyone know if Yukimi done other work as a solo artist? Or with
    >another group?
    > >
    > >Don
    >Hi Don:
    >Just received a new release from Norway on the Dealers of Nordic Music
    >label or DNM the track is called Swell Session and
    >Yukimi handles the vocal...the name of the release is Nordic Lounge and it
    >is excellent but not yet distributed in the States.
    >David Luckin
    >NightFlight Host 89.9 FM NPR
    >100 Festival Park Ave
    >Jacksonville, FL 32202

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