Re: [acid-jazz] Yukimi Nagano Invents New Singing Style - KOOP in SF

From: Erik Gaderlund (
Date: 2003-03-04 06:04:10

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    At 08:52 -0800 03/01/03, Don Knox wrote:
    >Based on the volume of commentary of Koop's performances around the
    >globe, I didn't know what to expect last night. I'm happy to say I
    >was impressed.
    >The band was incredibly tight as everyone said, but it was Yukimi
    >that blew me away.
    >OK, so her stage presence was a bit under-developed or perhaps just
    >unusual. When she sang the first song, I was immediately put
    >off because I wanted it to sound like I remember...beautiful, fluid
    >and smooth.
    >What happened was Yukimi sang like no one I've ever heard before. By
    >the 2nd song, I was digging her style, albeit an affected style that
    >is totally original.

    Hmm, as another AJz'er at the show, I'd say I'm more with Don, than
    Mark. I found that Yukimi tended to wander enough that I couldn't
    always tell if she was a little off key, and then only if I
    I was supprised by how low her range was--used to 'Summer Sun' range,
    and I do think her diction was quite good, I could actually follow
    the lyrics.
    Though I do agree with Mark that the drummer was not great, but, I
    found the vibe solos not much better, I guess he's no Bobby
    Overall I did enjoy it, but, then I had won a pair of tickets, and
    only had to pay the 'userey' charge for two tickets (I noticed that
    for the user sign-up you can pick 'Acid Jazz' as one of
    your 'interested in..' music categories.)
    All in all, a pretty good night out for a little over $100 (I was
    paying for dinner and a show for friends.)

    erik g

    p.s. we all need to meet in the lounge for a pre-night toast, and I
    probably should have been more conspicuous by wearing my yellow
    Swedish National jersey. Up for Röyksopp this Friday??