Re: [acid-jazz] Looking For Cover Tunes

From: Erik Gaderlund (
Date: 2003-03-04 06:21:20

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    At 16:27 -0800 03/03/03, Velanche Stewart wrote:
    >I've been given a challenge this week, and I'm going to see if I can
    >pull this one off.
    >I'm trying to compile of list of cover versions of tunes as redone by
    >the artists that we are most fond of--both recent and not-so-recent. I'm
    >going home tonight to dig through my music collection, but if you have
    >any info that you'd like to send to me then please do so privately.
    >For instance, here are two covers I am thinking off-the-cuff...
    >Frank de JoJo--Turn Off The Lights
    >Jason Moran--Planet Rock (original by Afrika Bambaata)
    >There's a good reason why I'm in need of info, and I will clue you in
    >very soon. Thanks!

    What about the "Come on Baby Light My Fire", Horace Andy/Massive
    Attack on "Protection" Ella on one of the Blue Breaks comps (2 I
    think). And, I think there's a version by Shirley Bassey.
    JTQ do "Starsky and Hutch Theme", "A Whole Lotta Love" (Zepplin)
    And, my favorite is Sun Ra and his Arkestra doing "Pink Elephants on
    Parade" (Dumbo), on the Disney compilation "Stay Awake".
    Can't think of more recent stuff.

    erik g