Re: [acid-jazz] Looking For Cover Tunes

From: Nathaniel Rahav (
Date: 2003-03-04 09:14:02

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    >Um, didn't Black Science Orchestra do Coltrane's "Love Supreme?"

    Actually it was Ballistic Brothers, but i'm not sure if I would call it a
    cover. there are some voices that chant love supreme, but the melody is
    not the same. Chunky breakbeat funk with nice tablas though!

    What a fun thread! Brian Baltin covered almost all the bases, nuff
    Hear Hear on that Phyllis Dillon track. That intro is nasty!

    Though I have to say there's a blur between remix and cover ... then you
    have all the re-edits as well... this conversation could go on a long time

     I would add a few
    (off the top of the dome ... i'm not going to distinguish between cover
    and remix, lets just say a nice re-interpretation of a song from a
    different context):

    *Kenny Dope's version of Shirley Bassey's Light My Fire
    *Bobby Hughes remix of that old soul track 'I just wanna make love to you'
    *Candido's cover of Santana's cover of Baba Olatunji's Jingo
    *MAW's Nina simone See Line Woman
    *Joe Bataan's cover of The Bottle by Gil Scott Heron
    *the re-works of Archie Shepp's Sea of Faces on Mo'Smog (i forget the
    artists... Eddy and Dus maybe)
    *Massive Attack's rework of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Must Kalandar
    *Nickodemus & Osiris's cover of Timmy Thomas's why cant we live together
    *The whole Darker than Blue album, reggae covers of soul songs
    *Digable Planets - Roy Ayers' We live in Brooklyn
    *Foxy Brown - Tracy Chapman's baby can I hold u tonight aka 'Sorry'
    *Senor Coconut's Trans-Europe-Express ...

    and my all time favorite,
    Sean Puffy Combs - Every Breath You Take :P