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Date: 2003-03-04 23:29:31

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    there have been a couple of recent Solid Steel shows featuring a
    war/anti-war theme - and you can listen to them online:

    Mad props to Coldcut and Strictly Kev for putting together some great mixes
    that can make you think too.



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    > OK, here's another idea inspired by the cover songs.
    > Without getting overtly political...
    > How about songs that are for peace. Or if you prefer, songs that are
    > anti-war?
    > As you may, or may not, know the broadcasting conglomerate Clear Chanel
    > a long list of song's its actually banned from being aired on their many
    > thousands of radio stations. So, basically, nobody is hearing any songs
    > might even hint at a pro-peace/anti-war stance (and this is with all due
    > respect to those out there that agree with the Chicken Hawks that we
    > bomb'em).
    > What I'd like to put out there as an idea is a compilation of tracks from
    > the scene that offer a pro-peace message. Tracks that come to mind include
    > Tony Allen's "We Don't Want No War", or Yo La Tengo's cover of "Nuclear
    > War", but I know there are many out there.
    > If any record label is reading this, why not take up this as a non-profit
    > project?
    > Also, to producers out there. How about a song that samples some of these
    > tracks? How about splicing, say, David Bowie's "This is Not America" with
    > 'Time Zone" of something to that effect.
    > Any body who takes this idea up: I'll glady post anything you do to
    > Mundovibes and I'm sure there are plenty of other sites who would do the
    > same.
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